GDoN? “gorgeous crown molding, two balconies” edition

Exterior (Front) -

This unit is located at 3426 16th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Spacious condo in the historic district of Mt. Pleasant. Charming historic “Wardman” building with rooftop deck; walk to Columbia Heights Metro, shopping, and Rock Creek Park. The unit features gorgeous crown molding, two balconies, updated kitchen and bathroom, an extra large master bedroom and HVAC! The building has a private park providing beautiful green space in the city.”

Family Room -

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $414,900 ($369 monthly fee.)

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  • Is it still a master bedroom if there’s only one bedroom?

  • Agreed, don’t see how it’s a “master” if there’s only one. Plus, the kitchen is really tiny…no serious cook could work with that.

  • In what way is this building a “wardman?” In the same way it is Victorian or Tudor? Which is to say, not at all, but it’s a word the listing agent has heard before, of whose meaning he assumes readers are equally ignorant?

  • SilverSpringGal

    Dual balconies – I would die for. But that kitchen makes me want to stab someone.

    • Nothing wrong with the kitchen. Older DC buildings usually have very small ones. The larger buildings had dining room that often were open to the public. I would imagine that the market for these units doesn’t include a lot of “serious cooks”.

      • Exactly. It’s a one-bedroom apartment. Even if you entertained, you could figure it out, but how many people are going to fit in the dining room, anyway?

  • Blithe

    I got really really excited about this — then I realized that the first few pictures are of the building’s lobby — not of the actual apartment. I’d also like to know more about the “private park” — since I’d view that as a huge plus. I’ve no opinion on the price, but I think the apartment is a nice one.

    • Ha, I did the same thing! “This apartment is awesome! Wait, that looks like a common area…”

  • This seems expensive to me given that it looks out on a not-so-nice stretch of 16th street, the kitchen is so ugly and small (I know you can change the ugly part but not for cheap), it looks to have a combination washer/dryer (in the kitchen – I know this is a pet peeve for some people), and there may be some sort of stains on the carpet in the bedroom. I would have guessed $350k maybe?

    • Carpets dont’ look stained — might be the lighting that you’re noticing

    • Agree that for that price there should be a separate washer and dryer in a closet somewhere, not a combo unit in an already cramped kitchen.

      • Depending on how the unit is laid out — where the water pipes are, and where the exhaust vents from the stove/bathroom are — I suspect that even if the unit had a separate washer and dryer rather than a 2-in-1 unit, it would probably still have to be in the kitchen. (Or right next to it.)

  • I like that fact that there are windows in both the kitchen and bathroom and the walls are likely plaster and not drywall. As for the kitchen, it looks like an attempt was made to modernize it (plastic cabinetry?) but it has a washing machine. I thought the private park belonged to the Northbrook I (sister building) but I might be wrong. It’s really not that bad a stretch of 16th Street and the S-1,2,4 buses stop almost in front of it.

    • IIRC, the “private park” is a medium-sized patch of lawn in front of the southern wing of the building that’s fenced in from the surrounding sidewalks, and is exclusively used as a dog park. A lot of non-residents frequently use it, too.

      • That neighborhood is surrounded by parks. You wouldn’t need another one.

      • The large fenced yard is for residents only – and their invited guests. Dogs play in the park but it is not exclusively a dog park.

    • I can’t speak as to the lower cabinets (my guess is IKEA with shiny-finish MDF doors), but the upper cabinets are definitely IKEA — glass doors with metal frames.
      I have the exact same upper cabinets in my kitchen (that’s how the house came) and I really dislike them — they’d be fine for storing dishes/glasses, but aren’t as good for cereal boxes, canned goods, etc.

  • I love this building – spacious apartments, high ceilings, and balconies. This condo looks like it is on the 5th or 6th floor so there will be a nice view.
    The kitchen is plenty big for serious cooks – my kitchen was much smaller and totally workable for cooking.
    I think it is a great space and will go for the asking price.

  • I like a small, well organized galley kitchen, I fine them very efficient. But I hate this one as it is poorly laid out. I hate working at a sink crammed up against a wall. Had that once – never again! Would want to redo the whole room. I hate how those combo washer/dryers work. I wouldn’t want one in a kitchen anyway. I presume this building has a laundry room. I’ve been in other units in the building and think there is gas there. I also think it is high for a one-bedroom in that location (even with a nicer kitchen) in that building (which I like, I love old buildings, but this one seems to be in good not great condition.)

  • I may be wrong about the gas possibility.

  • If it’s overpriced, I don’t think it’s by all that much — as MPinDC notes, these units are pretty big and have high ceilings.

  • I don’t think it’s overpriced at all given the amount of space. The kitchen is small — the problem to me seems to be with the electric stove, but it’s typical in a lot of buildings.

  • With my eyebrows raised I thought, “fabulous space!”, – and then realized I was looking at pics of the lobby. The place is pretty small for the price and the appliances and cabinets are a little low-end, as well. One could argue that the price is based on the location but who really wants to negotiate that part of 16th street?

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