GDoN? “Flooded w/ light from 34 WINDOWS!” edition

Exterior (General) -

This house is located at 660 12th Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Newly renovated – Classic Capitol Hill semi-detached row home. Unique layout w/ center hall. Large living spaces & bedrooms. Original rustic H/W floors. Flooded w/ light from 34 WINDOWS! 2 BR/2 Full Bath upper, 1 BR/1 Full Bath in basement. Basement has family room and 2 entrances (front & side). Radiator heat and central A/C.1 block to H Street corridor”

Entrance -

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $799,900.

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  • Don’t know that I agree with the stager’s choices for some of the furniture, and the walls need a good dose of color, but otherwise I’m in pure house envy. That appears to be a beautiful renovation that maintained so much of the house’s character, with the modern updates right where you want them.

  • I feel like I’m missing something– this is a great deal on an amazing house. Will probably go for over asking.

    • justinbc

      Apr 1, 2015
      Sold (Public Records)

      It was an even better deal in April (minus the upgrades I’m sure). The old Google street view is still there.

    • You are missing the location: NE. Plus its $800k for something that just sold for $415k? I too would like to double my investment in three months.

      As usual the question good deal or not is easily answered. NOT.

      • justinbc

        Well it’s clearly not the same house (as far as inside and outside go) that sold in April. I’m not so sure the “NOT” is as easy as you make it out to be. House prices in that area of NE are appreciating quite a lot.

      • I guess you missed the memo about NE. Also this particular part of NE, known as “Capitol Hill”, is some of the most desirable real estate in any quadrant.

      • What contractor do you know that works for free?

  • I make it a general rule to avoid listings with the word “Flooded” in them.

  • am I missing something? This seems like a fantastic deal. You could cover like half the mortgage with the rental unit.

    • I don’t think the basement has a kitchen (unless there are basement photos that I incorrectly thought were photos of the upstairs).

      • Ahh, that makes more sense then. Still a good deal. The days of sub-$1 million townhouses (with more than 2 br) in L’Enfant City are probably numbered.

  • Lovely reno for once. I love that they kept the original floors, radiators, window moldings (although any crown molding seems to have disappeared). Bathrooms and kitchen are tastefully done and the tile is great (although I’m not a fan of those “floating” sink cabinets … ). I like rustic floors but those replacement boards feathered in upstairs are way too far off in color … not really sure what’s up with that.

    Clearly a flip …. sold in March for $415. Hopefully the finishes are great and match the looks (solid wood doors, etc., not flipper crap.)

    Also NO pics of basement? w/ 1 bdrm/1 bath? Also I assume parking in this neighborhood is a pain in the ass …

    Still, if I had money coming out of my ears I’d totally buy this.

    • justinbc

      The parking isn’t terrible yet, but will be once all the condo / apt development finishes on H Street since they’re all getting parking variances to have 1/4 or 1/5 the required spaces.

      • And the required parking allotment isn’t 1:1 — I think it’s something like one space for every three units.

  • Woah I love it! They did a good job renovating it and love that they didn’t knock down all the walls and kept the radiators. The hardwood floors look a little rough in some spots, but that’s to be expected. Also, not stained in some spots…why? 799k seems like a good deal! Too low?

  • NICE!!!
    i am a fan

  • LOVE it. Way underpriced, IMO.

  • I saw this yesterday. There is no basement unit. There are 2 bedrooms in the 2nd level and one bedroom in the basement. The layout is a bit awkward but they did the best out it. I liked it! but wouldn’t pay more for it.

  • Looks lovely, but it’s hard to trust anything that doubles in price after a 3-month turnaround.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I like this house a lot, and wish I could have gotten my hands on this before the flipper did. Given how much original stuff is in evidence (and the stated scope of the permits – which in this rare case appear to have at least plausibly been adhered to) it couldn’t have been in too bad of shape to begin with.
    I also see some signs of cheapness and inattention to detail in the reno, which I find pretty disappointing, though:
    The kitchen appears to be cheap vinyl tile that is manufactured to look like a very feeble attempt to look like wood. I think I even know the specific product that they used. I have no problem with this stuff or with anyone who installs it in their own house, but pretty lame to use in an otherwise-mostly-nice flip.
    A couple sections of shoe molding appear to be missing in the living room. No big deal, can install it myself, but again, unimpressed by flipper’s attention to detail here.
    There is strange gap where the kitchen floor meets the floor of whatever room is on the other side of that doorway, at the far right of photos #14 and 15. Can somebody explain this?
    Note – I honestly don’t have any major problem with any of the issues noted above and would be fine buying a house with some missing shoe molding, a 1-inch gap in the floor at the end of the TrafficMaster Allure kitchen floor, and one carpeted bedroom from an owner-occupant selling his own house, but when I see that a developer bought the place in April for $415K and in 12 weeks time has it on the market for $375K more, I’m disappointed and perplexed by some of those details – wondering if the developer wasn’t supervising his contractors or is in financial trouble and has to unload the house so urgently that he can’t even put in a respectable kitchen floor that spans the entire length of the kitchen, finish putting in the shoe molding in the living room, and put hardwood in that other bedroom.

    • They must have gotten a closeout deal on the vanities –normally not cheap.

      OTOH–flooded with light means that the A/C will work hard in summer . It also means 34 windows worth of blinds and/or drapes. Several thousand dollars easily and the flipper should have been willing spend for these in the LR and bedrooms.

    • It really is a beautiful house. But looking at the Street View before it was flipped, I’m seeing zig-zag cracks all across the the front facade. With brick homes, this *could* be a tell-tale sign of major foundation issues. I hope the flipper spent the money underpinning the structure on that side of the home…

      • HaileUnlikely

        If so, they did that part without a permit – they had several permits consistent with evident work, but no permit for and structural/foundation work (I’m guessing they didn’t, and just hid the cracks with paint)

    • I see a lot more red flags than you do. For example:
      – replaced wood floor planks around the perimeter of some rooms (the different colored wood planks) -> indication of leakage/moisture issues from exterior -> brick likely needs repointing
      – carpeting in basement -> usually a cheap way for flippers to hide water damage

  • 800K and no parking? No thanks

  • That’s a great house. I’m not a driver so the parking thing isn’t a big deal and given the present all out ticket kingdom going on I truly don’t see myself driving here in DC anytime soon. Dreamy, I just wondered why they put the sink opposite the stove and refrigerator, just curious, otherwise that’s a good looking house if I just had the money *sigh* oh well…

    • justinbc

      What do you mean about the sink? That’s a pretty common “triangle” layout…where would you rather it be?

      • I’m about to have my kitchen redone and I have that sink/stove dilemma. Looking at a lot of kitchen layouts, there are many, many with the sink across from the stove. I’m wishing I could have mine on the same side because when I’m washing vegetables or chopping or whatever, I don’t want to drip water across the floor. It seems to me it would be slip hazard as well. But I’m probably going to end up with that layout. I can’t seem to make it work out with them on the same side, mostly because of aesthetics.

  • I used to live next door (moved out a year or so ago) and always wondered when it would get sold for a flip. It was a mess outside, and I imagine that the inside was similar. Couple of small problems in the area, but otherwise it’s a pretty great block to be on. Only time parking becomes a problem is Friday/Saturday evenings. Otherwise, always spots right out front.

  • maxwell smart

    “cherish the moment” above the toilet is some hilarious staging. A+ job home decorator.

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