GDoN “an outdoor shower on the rear balcony” edition

DC8689651 - Exterior (General)

This unit is located at 539 Randolph St, NW. The listing says:

“Visit for hosted video tour, pics and floorplans! This beautifully executed 2-story penthouse unit features spacious living areas, 2 master bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, private roofdeck and an outdoor shower on the rear balcony. 10’+ ceilings in the master suite. Pet-friendly building shares a large fenced-in backyard. Off-street parking included with unit.”

DC8689651 - Exterior (Rear)

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $799,999 ($255 monthly fee.)

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  • jim_ed

    Why in gods name would you have an outdoor shower? Is there a beach in lower Petworth I’m unfamiliar with, or is letting your neighbors see you naked the hot new real estate trend right now?

    • Even if there was, how do you get up there, I thought the point of a outdoor shower was to not drag sand into the house.

    • I literally…I just…I don’t…..ugh.

    • LOL, agreed. I cannot believe they spent money on this for the renovation. Now I LOVE AN OUTDOOR SHOWER, but umm in the secluded mountains or at the beach. NOT in the city. #renofail

      • My exact reaction too. I honestly love outdoor showers, there is something very exciting about taking an outdoor shower. But why the f would you put one on a balcony in the city??! Seems very very strange and worthless.

    • For those that want to grill as they bathe.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My mother, a hippy, loves them. I do not understand. The drugs in the 60s?

    • Anyone who likes the weird/ugly interior of this place would probably think an outdoor shower is awesome too.

      • Probably not. I don’t find it weird or ugly. But I do find that shower to be bizarre.

      • I love most of the interior of this place but am also confused by the outdoor shower. that said, it cost money to put the shower in, and this clearly isn’t a ‘builder grade’ flip, so I have to assume there is some rational concept behind the outdoor shower that isn’t evident from the picture (or comments here).

    • Anonomnom

      So. If it was a bit more private, I would be totally down with the outdoor shower. I thought it was a really cool idea until I pulled up the larger pictures and realized that the balcony is in no way hidden and looks out onto at least 6 houses with no tree cover or anything.
      If you could pull it off, an outdoor shower in DC with a blocked line of sight would be amazing. This… Doesn’t. Its extreme NW, which isn’t very tall, so maybe they could have gotten away with this on the rooftop deck?

      • Shower curtain – $5.

        • But you’d still have to take off your clothes somewhere… which probably means walking across the balcony naked. (If you take your clothes off inside the outdoor shower, behind an added shower curtain, there wouldn’t be anywhere to put them.)

    • Maybe the could re-market this as an outdoor mosquito factory? Oh wait.

    • justinbc

      I can’t imagine a single good reason for this. I kept trying to figure out some justification, but even a storage closet would be a better use of space.

  • Yes….an outdoor shower. Just what I want in Petworth/Park View. I’ll be able to take cute showers with raccoons and other critters. Just like Snow White?

  • Creepy.

  • That’s really odd. Maybe if was at least connected to the roof deck, but even then…odd….

  • lolwhat? If you can see cars from your outdoor shower then the cars can see you.

    Just make a bigger balcony, you no-class ass-clowns.

  • it might be convenient after sunning on your deck, in a bathing suit, to take a shower to cool down. expensive convenience but convenient nonetheless.

    • Emmaleigh504

      It’s got a place for soap and shampoo, that is not a cooling down shower, that is a shower shower! I guess with the right shower curtain…

  • I Dont Get It


  • And is the balcony off a bathroom?! Was that the only way to make it work? Very very strange.

  • Maybe since the drain’s already there you could build a wetbar or a small hottub in its place? Either of those would be a lot more useful.

  • It’s a pet-friendly building, so perhaps it can be the dog’s shower? But seriously, so strange… I just imagine this attracting spiders and bugs.

  • If you have too much tile you can just return it, you don’t have to use it to build an outdoor shower that faces an alley.

    • LOL!
      Agreed with agdc, looks like a future spider house.
      And with the OP Anon re: no-class assclowns.

  • I do not like the floors, the kitchen, the staircase, the glass enclosed shower, the open floor plan, nor the outdoor shower that is facing a parking lot. This house is already outdated and out of place. Major fail.

  • I would love if someone from POPville called the realtor and asked what the builder was thinking re: the shower. If I were buying this place, I’d check the permits and plans very carefully to make sure that shower is in the right place, and that it was meant to be outside and not some sort of weird, quick flip mistake.

    • It looks like they definitely meant for it to be there. The last picture shows the indoor bathroom on the other side of the wall. So perhaps you get nasty, shower outside and then come inside and shower more? I really don’t get it.

  • Also, it’s very strange to have a cabinet cut-out in the bathroom, presumably for a vanity seat, without a mirror directly in front of that vanity seat. It’s like an alien built this house, without knowledge of humans actually live, by cribbing together a series of pinterest design photos.

  • Quotia Zelda

    My mother, the hippie, would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that outdoor shower. As for me, nope nope nope.

  • nightborn

    But… we’re in DC.

  • Haven’t you guys known, or seen, any exhibitionists? They like to stand naked in their windows, or outside, having sex, with themselves or others. This one is for the exhibitionists – there are a lot of them out there, I think.

  • Disagree, I would shower the heck out of that thing. I gotta guess that if you don’t see the appeal, you’ve never tried it. And obv you’d put a curtain up and such so no one can see your bits. I’d never pay to install one, but don’t understand all the hate.

    Then again I set up a garden hose over a drain in the covered basement entrance of my old rental in NE… so..

  • west_egg

    Some developer saw the tub-in-the-turret-facing-the-street on 13th a while back and decided to up the ante?

    • +1 that was an architectural travesty that deserved much more criticism than it got, ie pillories and/or executions.

  • I watched the video on It shows a dog walking out of the outdoor shower. So I guess this is the amenity for the dog owner who bathes his dog frequently but refuses to share bathing facilities? Niche market.

    • But with the shower head at that height, there’s really no way to wash your dog without getting soaked yourself. Unless you have a dog that knows how to shower…

  • I think the insane outdoor shower has been beaten to death, but did anyone else notice the big, ugly, gouge-ey bolts sticking out of the banister on the stairs inside? Cut the corner just a bit when you’re headed downstairs, and they’ll rip some nice chunks out of your legs. The lack of attention to detail on some of these flips is astounding.

  • at least it’s on an upper level so no one will defecate in it….or will they

  • Flipper’s fetish?

  • I… guess it would be really easy to bathe your dog?

  • Oh my gosh. I just can’t believe it.

    I am a developer and I put an offer on this house…it was filled with the most original woodwork and materials of any house i’d seen in a long,long time. Coffered ceilings, huge pocket doors, leaded glass front doors…intact original stair and beautiful foyer…really special and all in resonable to excellent shape. It’s not often that you see a standout house…but this one was a standout house. Clearly I wasn’t the winning buyer, but the original talk was that the developer who did buy it was going to try and work with some of those original features…at least make an attempt… Obliterated. Not just obliterated, but vaporized into minimalist nothing. It just took my breath away looking at these pictures. Such a loss.

    I see a lot of properties and know first hand how this game goes down. I shouldn’t be shocked, but from what was there before to this…it makes me heartsick. What a sad loss this renovation is.

    …and because i can’t resist, the outside shower is curious choice. However, I did recently see a flip where they put in a large, full glass shower IN the master bedroom. As in, you could watch someone shower from the master bed…it was the “highlight” of the room. Baffling choices.

    • Wow, your story really makes this reno a sad story as opposed to just a bizarre one. So sorry to hear that we’ve lost another great interior. As for the glass shower IN the master bedroom in the other house you saw, I stayed at a hotel in Barcelona with just that feature. And it was either a good thing or a bad thing that I was alone in that hotel room…

    • god that makes me want to cry.

  • On the positive side, as guy, I would totally piss in this shower if I was drinking out on the porch.

  • outdoor shower, why? this isn’t the beach or a swimming pool.

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