GDoN? “A Bauhaus oasis in the city” edition (reader request)

Exterior (Front) -

This house is located at 3025 Arizona Avenue Northwest. The listing says:

“Exceptional modern living: A Bauhaus oasis in the city. Comfortable, luxurious living in a resort-like setting on a 12,600 sq.ft lot in prestigious Kent. Meticulously renovated. Walls of glass blend inside & out. Stunning open kitchen-dining perfect for everyday living & entertaining. 3 bed/4 bath/den. Nearly 2,500 sq. ft. Minutes to Georgetown/IMF/World Bank, shops & trails.”

Exterior (Rear) -

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/4 bath is going for $1,899,000.

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  • What a cool house. It’s hard to believe some of these homes are actually in a city.

  • Wow – really cool. Although, Kent? Is this west GT? Never heard of Kent before.

    • It’s basically just north of Palisades. And Arizona Avenue is packed with droolworthy houses on either side.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I take it “Under $400K Friday” is no more…

  • Love. Love. Love. It would be like living in a different home as the different seasons changes.

  • I absolutely love this house! Though I feel like I’d always be looking over my shoulder and wondering if people were watching me like a goldfish!

  • I want that. When it comes to *getting* it, I want it less than my firstborn, but possibly more than my soul.

    • I looked at it on google earth, and now want it a little less than before. It’s really close to its neighbors, and with that much glass, I’d want more distance.
      Still gorgeous, though.

      • I think that all of the big windows face the back, though. And if you can afford that price tag, you can definitely afford to install whatever privacy features would make you more comfortable.

  • Emmaleigh504

    True love!

  • Very pretty but there’s no chance I’d ever want to live there. I get weirded out enough when it starts to get dark out and I haven’t had a chance to close the blinds yet. Did anyone else notice that in all the bedrooms, the windows lining the top of the rooms don’t have coverings at all? Good luck sleeping in ever again.

    • “Did anyone else notice that in all the bedrooms, the windows lining the top of the rooms don’t have coverings at all? Good luck sleeping in ever again.” I noticed this too and had the same thought. Rooms that are flooded with light aren’t so great if you’re trying to sleep past dawn.

  • At that price, I honestly think it’s a solid deal. I see so many crappier/characterless McMansion houses go for more in NW DC. Bidding war?

  • It’s not my style, but I do love it. If someone wanted to buy it for me I’d take it! I do wonder about the heating and cooling bills with all that glass though…?

  • justinbc

    Damn, this place is sweet! Doesn’t feel DC at all to me, but I love it nonetheless. I could totally give up living in a hood with tons of walkable amenities for a pad like that.

  • palisades

    Place looks kind of junky on the outside when I look at Googlemaps. The photographer definitely did a good job. As Justin said though, if you’re spending $2M on a house, I’m sure you’re willing to throw in a little bit more to make it your own.

  • I absolutely love it! This might be my all time favorite GDoN.

  • WOW!! Now that’s the house to get! Are you sure this isn’t California?? Man, I could kill for a house like this.

  • Although it isn’t DC, there is an amazing neighborhood in Alexandria called Hollin Hills that is full of similair modern style houses like this. The big difference? The price!

  • Thanks so much for posting my listing. A special house.

  • Bela Lugosi’s dead, undead undead undead…

  • The realtor obviously has no idea what Bauhaus is. The mid 2010s cliches in the bathrooms actually work here.

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