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Looking for an accountant in DC!

“I’m a recent first time homeowner, and soon-to-be first time wife, getting married at the end of the summer. My fiancee and I are looking for a qualified, yet affordable, accountant to advise us on various tax issues for our 2015 taxes. For example, whether to file jointly or separately for the year, various condo-related questions, etc. If anyone has a good referral for someone who is well-versed in these issues, please send him/her my way. Thanks!”

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  • After we bought a house and got married, had kids… we started using MAS Certified Public Accountants, and they have been great, and affordable. Jon used to live in DC but he now resides in Seattle, which seems to help with communication since my wife and I both work late and don’t have time during the workday to chat.

  • We’ve been using Lynne Absher. She’s located in Rockville but we do all the communication via phone email. Pmr Associates, Ltd
    5709 Granby Road, Rockville, MD 20855
    Phone: 301-840-0438

  • Bellamy W. Brown
    Chebele Capital Management, LLC
    Managing Director
    (540) 560-3620

  • Support local business and contact District Financial ([email protected], . Set up an appointment to discuss these items when it’s convenient for you.

  • I wouldn’t normally recommend a national chain service like H&R Block, but Aviva at the H&R block on Pennsylvania Avenue SE has taken amazing care of me. I had to file taxes in four states the first year I went to her and she didn’t even bat an eye. She’s walked me through education credits, tax-related moving issues, and more. She always asks me what I’ve got coming up a) because she’s a genuinely nice person, and b) so she can let me know anything I can do tax-wise related to upcoming events — for example, when I told her I was looking at grad schools, she gave some great advice on establishing in-state residency using taxes and education-related write-offs I wouldn’t have known to think about. Seriously, she’s great.

    But don’t go to any random H&R block — I once made the mistake of going to a different location and the woman tried to do my taxes using a pen and a calculator, and couldn’t find the line on my W2 stating total income for like ten minutes. I walked out — like hell I was going to let that person help me with financial decisions.

  • Not trying to peddle my services .. but we’ve been handelling DMV clients for a collective 100 years at our firm. High net-worth, small and large businesses and everything in between. Happy to help out as I can 🙂

  • I highly recommend District Financial for real estate audits (tax work too, but especially audit work).

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