From the Forum – Dance Lesson Suggestions? To pop music?

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Dance Lesson Suggestions? To pop music?

“I was curious if anyone had any suggestions for a class/location where I might be able to learn/practice partner dancing to pop/contemporary music?

I’m super interested in taking formal lessons for partner dancing but would prefer something a little more contemporary than what I’ve found on my own – mostly classical ballroom dancing. I’ve found the swing lessons near Meridian Hill that are somewhat close to what I’m looking for. Other ideas?”

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  • Yay Jam Cellar! That’s not a place for dancing to pop music, though. And I assume that is the swing near Meridian Hill Park that you’re talking about, since it’s every Tuesday at the Josephine Butler Parks Center.
    You might want to look into West Coast Swing, they do love their pop music. However, they do also dance to more traditional music as well. I would consider it more contemporary than lindy hop (aka what they do at Jam Cellar), but I’m not up on the best places to go to learn. I know a lot of people like Cherry Hill on Friday nights, but you would definitely need a car to get there.
    I’ve never been, but you may also want to consider dancing at Angles in Adams Morgan on Wednesday nights. I’m not really sure what they’re calling it anymore, I don’t think it’s straight up blues dancing though, it’s likely being referred to as “fusion.” Search facebook for “Jukebox blues at Angles” and ask to join the group.

    • I was going to suggest West Coast Swing as well – think Benji and Heidi Schwimmer from So You Think You Can Dance. Latin ballroom (samba, rumba, cha cha, etc., versus international standard which is waltz, tango, foxtrot etc. and so usually older music) can be done to some contemporary music too. I did a little ballroom in college, and we used to go to college nights at Chevy Chase Ballroom in Friendship Heights – there was a good mix of contemporary music and traditional.

  • Salsa by Silvia? I was very disappointed to learn this is not a Mexican place, but I hope someone likes it.

  • I’ve never used them before but what about DanceSport?

  • EckingtonDoodle

    Don’t mean to hijack this post–but where do 30-somethings go to dance in D.C? I want to go and dance on a weekend but don’t want to do the sweaty club scene with college kids.

  • OP. You want WCS like jes suggested. Your best bets would be the Boogie in Bethesda Tuesdays, Hollywood ballroom in Silver Spring Fridays and Avante Garde in Rockville Saturdays.

    eckinton: See above plus Glen Echo Ballroom in Cabin john on Some Saturdays for Lindy Hop.

    -that guy who runs the jam cellar.

  • Not sure if you’re wanting dance lessons as a form of entertainment themselves or to be a better dancer when you’re out and about?

  • Joy of Motion dance studio

  • Nice throwback photo of the old Tubman Field. So dusty!

  • callmeB

    I love salsa dancing at DC Style Salsa Academy…they have a location in Silver Spring and Falls Church. There is a huge, diverse Latin dance community in DC, and dance socials offered all the time (as opposed to sweaty clubs if that’s not your thing). Its a blast and the Academy is the best in the area. 3 levels have classes all at the same time, so you can come as a total beginner, and no partner!

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