From the Forum – Construction in NoMa knocking out power


Construction in NoMa knocking out power

“I live directly across from the construction site of the new REI in NoMa on 3rd Street NE. For about two weeks, we’ve been losing power (several times) during the day. Every time I get home, everything has been reset (all the clocks, computers etc) and the security alarm is going off. One day last week I worked from home and counted the power being knocked out six times.

This wouldn’t bother me if it weren’t happening nearly every single day and frankly I’m tired of resetting all of the clocks in my house. I realize this is a first world problem so really I just felt like complaining – but I also am curious if I can report this to anyone/the construction company? I’m sure they’re already aware of how much they suck.


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  • as a point of interest, this location was the site of The Beatles first live concert in the US (two days after the Ed Sullivan Show)..

  • Is the power going out and staying out or going off and coming right back on (brownout)? At my old place (in Northern VA not DC) there was so much construction happening around us that we would have multiple brownouts every day. I finally gave up and bought multiple UPS for things like the TV, computer etc and put a surge protector on the panel to minimize the destruction to things that I couldn’t put on a UPS (like the washing machine/dryer). And I gave up resetting the clocks on the microwave & stove. Which is a habit that’s continued. I reset them when 2x a year (for daylight savings changes) and if I lose power in between they stay that way until the next reset. I never complained to the construction company because nothing would have changed. Good luck!

  • UPDATE: After calling both the construction company and Pepco – we learned it was actually a Pepco problem. They sent two huge trucks out and whatever they did took them two days – but I haven’t had a brownout since then. Fingers crossed it stays this way!

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