For Those Who Enjoy Our Our Continuing Coverage of the Q Street Barbies


hahaha this makes me so happy:

“I have no idea who left it. It was only this weekend that I realized under the five dolls on top, there were 10 more under the cloth. All Barbies are doing well in their new foster home, and are looking forward to find places in a forever home after a future display in the pond.”


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  • Emmaleigh504

    I would adopt them, but no one would see them in my 3rd floor garden 🙁

  • skj84

    Really?! You do realize that Barbie’s shoes can be removed, right? No need to worry about her sexy shoes smuttung up young girls minds. Even though I doubt they’d even be corrupted by shoes in the first place.

    • Emmaleigh504

      And they are worth more if they have the shoes! Besides, the Barbies in my friend circle def controlled Ken. Not that it was healthy, but Ken had no say in the matter. Us girls’ minds were just as smutty with our stuffed animals, too. Kids be dirty in more way than one.

  • How do they have that many dolls and no clothes for any of them?

    • Their friends probably give them more barbies that they stumble across on their travels.
      I have a good friend who has a collection of vintage doll heads in his fridge. It started as a morbid John Waters’esque joke with one head, but now our crew of friends always give him doll heads that we find while on our various international travels. We like perverted, dark humor.

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