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  • Thanks Pablo!

  • That was one hell of an amazing show, from beginning to end! But man, RFK is in baaaaaaad shape and needs to go. It’s beyond saving.

    • Concur on both accounts. I know the seats are famous for their bounce, and it makes a boisterous show even more fun, but coupled with the rust and chipped concrete everywhere, I did spend a little time contemplating if I was happy enough in that moment to have it be my last!

    • agreed. concert was amazing, rfk horrible. hour plus lines for any food, which they kept running out of. they also ran out of water, soda, and gatorade. the only thing they didn’t run out of was beer (helpful!). you weren’t allowed to bring in any food, water, or bottles of any kind. probably missed 2 hours of the show just waiting in lines. hour plus lines for atms (event was cash only but of course they didn’t inform anyone of this). bathrooms flooded with inches of water.

      could never recommend seeing a show there.

      • The IMP production in general was a mess. Terrible communication prior to the show. The “no re-entry” policy, announced with just 48 hours notice, effectively meant that we were only going to show up at the end (there’s no way we were going to RFK prison for 12 hours).

        No re-entry, plus no ability to bring your own food/drink (or even your own water bottle!), is totally unacceptable. The FF were amazing but the venue and event planning were just horrible.

        • Outside of wolftrap where are you allowed to bring in food or drink? Also no re-entry is common for sports, concerts and so forth. I am not sure about bigger festivals like Bonnaroo or Firefly but it was clearly marked and not an issue. As far as water there were hydration stations. My biggest complaint was the lack of Credit Card acceptance and running out of cash in the ATMs.

          • where were there hydration stations? maybe on the lawn but i didn’t see any on the concourse levels

          • Hydration stations were only available to those with Field tickets, something they did not communicate clearly. They also should have specified all vendors would only be taking cash. After standing in line for 4 ATMs that all ran out of money/broke, all I got to eat was a hot dog in the 9.5 hours I was there.

          • Nationals Stadium? You can bring in up to 1L of sealed water, and individual serving sizes of food, plus, I think, baby/kid stuff (those squeeze fruit pouches, juice boxes, etc.). I always take a bottle of water and a few packs of peanuts to games, in a purse, that they check, and no one says boo.

  • Pablo Raw

    My heart stopped for a couple seconds when I saw the throne moving towards where I was!

  • Hahaha, Complain, complain complain… maybe you missed the guy rocking for two and half hours with his cast propped up on a stand.

    • Did not miss any of that, nor did I miss the others rocking out hard before him (Trombone Shorty was a major highlight, I lost my voice to Heart, many others were very awesome, we made new friends seated near us). However, it’s fair to note that the concessions were lacking (running out of stuff, having terrible staff (my big complaint…fine if you tell me you’re out of something, but when I give you my second choice, why is it taking you 5 minutes to fetch 2 beers and make some simple whole-dollar change?), having very limited places that take credit cards when it was advertised that *most* vendors would accept credit cards, and not having water stations “throughout” as the email I got not 2 days before said there would be) and the facilities are falling apart (I came prepared for sprinkles on the seats and a lack of TP in the women’s room, and long lines; did not expect overflowing toilets, nasty feces puddles, and 1/3 of the stalls out of service).
      Overall, I had a fantastic time. My hearing is still recovering, and that’s a good thing. 🙂 My socks were officially rocked off for many hours. However, RFK is, literally, coming apart at the seams, and the vendors providing services are not doing a good job. It would behoove us, as a major city, to have well-maintained venues and high-quality service providers. I shudder to think what people who have never been to RFK for anything thought about the venue. I had some idea what to expect, having seen the Nats there just a few years ago and occasionally going to United games, and even *I* was disappointed by the level of service…

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