Dollar Beer Alert – Sat. July 25th at Sauf Haus


Ed. Note: What the word on Sauf Haus? How does it compare to Biergarten Haus on H Street?

From a press release:

“Partygoers can look forward to Radeberger Pilsner and Schofferhofer Radler (a Grapefruit beer and Hefeweisen blend) for $1 while supplies last. The first fifty guests will receive Sauf Haus branded swag to take home. Food will be available all night including Sauf Haus’ famed two-pound pretzels.

Multiple live bands will play throughout the celebration starting at 2PM with the last set beginning at 9:00. Guests can look forward to a variety of genres including roots rock, reggae, Americana, acoustic hip-hop and big band R&B. The band lineup includes local favorites like Justin Trawick and the Common Good and popular cover band The Jeffersonians.

A portion of proceeds from evening will benefit local non-profit organization, Yellow Ribbon Foundation, whose mission is to provide practical support to injured military service members and their families.

When: July 25, 2015 12PM to 3AM

Where: Sauf Haus is located at 1216 18th St. NW at the intersection of 18th Street and Connecticut Ave NW, above Shake Shack. DuPont Circle Station is the nearest Metro stop.

Tickets: No tickets or RSVP necessary, the party is free and open to the public. Early arrival is suggested.”

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  • I suppose if you like grapefruit pilsner and/or Hefeweisen blends. Otherwise it sounds suspiciously like Amazon Prime Day.

    • The pilsner is just a pilsner – the Radler is the grapefruit/hefe blend. I’d drink either for $1!

  • To address the Ed. Note: Sauf Haus is MUCH better than Biergartenhaus in my opinion. Biergartenhaus always has terrible service every time we go, so much so that we end up leaving. We still go because we love German beer and there are not that many places that serve it in D.C. We stumbled upon Sauf Haus randomly one day, and it is SOOOO much better; although, I think their selection is a little smaller.

    • palisades

      If you want an authentic German biergartenhaus experience, you’re going to H Street. Sauf Haus is a thinly veiled bro-bar that’s always packed to the frickin brim. Their pretzels are microwaved too. The beer is pretty much the same as Biergartenhaus though, and as you said, a smaller selection.

    • I really enjoy Sauf Haus, but I’ve only been during the day and up through happy hour. I imagine it gets bro-y (like Palisades mentions below) later at night due to the location but I agree that I like it a lot. I feel like their beer prices are on par with the area, didn’t feel ripped off at all. I haven’t had the food, but Mr. Eggs really enjoyed a sausage platter there once.

      • I’ve been a couple times at early happy hour. Great tap, but unimpressed with the microwaved food. It definitely starts to get bro-y quick. Probably me just getting old, but if I want good German beer and food, I usually would rather just grab a seat at the bar at Cafe Mozart.

    • What makes Sauf Haus a Beer Hall or Biergarten?! Nothing there is German besides the beer they serve. And what food? Sauf Haus famed pretzels? You can find the same 2″2lb” pretzel at 3 other spots in DC. Even Biergarten Haus served them before 😀 So if you like waiting in line for 15 minutes to get a half warm beer because there is only one bartender during happy hour, your bro-y, crossfit crew awaits you. P.S. you can find the same staff at Public Bar. How about we compare Sauf Haus to POV if we already at it. Waiting for Wundergarten to come along but Biergarten Haus is still the most authentic experience when it comes to beergardens

  • To Ed. Note: H street is much better . I wouldn’t really call Sauf Haus a beer garden. It’s basically a room that someone took the top off, so there’s no air circulation save for a few fans that blow out air reeking of cleaning chemicals.

  • Not a big fan of this place. It gets way too crowded, full of bros, with mediocre service. It’s not a beer garden, but St. Arnold’s across the street is so much better than this place if you want big mugs of beer.

    • General Grant Circle

      This depends largely on when you go and is not really a “SaufHaus” phenomenon as it is a “DuPont circle” phenomenon. I have seen it full of businessmen and women for post-work happy hours, and even seen a large group of Asian tourists.

  • Saufhaus is great – sort of an oasis above DuPont with the outdoor deck. I would say the beer/sausage situation is better at Biergartenhaus, but the location and ambiance is better at Saufhaus.

  • So, wait a minute, do understand correctly that Sauf Haus provides that bro-y environment I so crave?

    Are bros and hipsters enemies?

    (sorry, slow friday after a long week…)

  • Hm, $1 beer + bros sounds like this will turn in to a scheiße show real fast. Pass.

  • After work, Saufhaus is my favorite bar. The food is bar food, and with that expectation it isn’t terrible. The beer is great, albeit a shade on the pricey side. The place gets a bit bumblebee for me after dark on weekends, but it is otherwise a fine place to drink. Also, the name is great (look up “saufen” on, see also “fetznrausch”).

  • justinbc

    I did one of our PoPville happy hours there last summer. I think Sauf Haus is a pretty decent bar, but for a more German feel and better beer options I definitely prefer Beirgarten Haus.

  • This is a place to get drunk on OK beer. Giant glasses and giant pretzels. There is too much great beer being produced to bother, unless you have to attend a work event that somehow get scheduled there.

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