Dog Found in Mount Pleasant with Malfunctioning Micro Chip


A reader writes:

“This dog was found walking down Lamont between 17th and 18th in Mt. Pleasant on Saturday. The dog is chipped, but it seems to be malfunctioning and the vet couldn’t get any info from it. Her contact info is below:

(202) 422-5675”

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  • Found this post from July 5th. Sounds like it could be the same pup.

    “I live at 15th and Newton in Brookland. On Friday night I met a woman named Krysta at the corner of 14th and Newton St, NE, looking for her dog MIKEY, who escaped from his collar, got hit by a car and took off running at about 10:30pm. Krysta and Mikey are visiting Brookland from out of town, and he doesn’t know the neighborhood.

    Mikey is a tall, brindle Pit mix and very friendly/gentle. Krysta called in an alert to the DC shelter. Mikey is also chipped.

    If someone finds Mikey, Krysta asks that they call her on 717-698-0689”

    • I wouldn’t say the dog pictured is brindle or tall.

    • I was thinking the same thing but Mikey is a boy and this pup from the post seems to be girl

      • Actually, this is a poorly worded post. The writer doesn’t indicate whether it is a male or female dog. I have no idea who “Cybelle” is- the writer, the person who took in the dog, or the vet? Who knows?

        • I get the impression that the OP isn’t all that knowledgeable when it comes to dogs but wanted to help, just in case this one was a match.

  • +1 The Mikey posters are still up in Michigan Park and around Brookland as of this morning. This looks a lot like the dog in that picture!

  • Just called Mikey’s owner and this is a different dog. The dog in this picture is also male.

  • thank you for posting! i notified mikey’s owner about this when it was posted to the mt. pleasant listserv on sat night. unfortunately it’s not him. i sure hope this handsome guy finds his home soon. please help spread the word to shelters, vets, fb groups, etc. thank you!

  • Aw when I saw that pup I had hoped it was Mikey!!! I keep looking for him when walking home from the metro…hope his mom and dad find him soon….

  • I saw a missing dog poster up on Georgia Ave. yesterday, near Howard for a dog that looks like this one (brown pit bull with red nose). I don’t remember the name of the dog on the poster, but this seems like it could be a match.

  • looks like a dog that is on 11th street NW between otis and monroe. don’t know the name, but when it’s outside, it’s barking at my dogs when they walk by

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