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  • What’s the last word at the end of the second line — “KEEP YOUR FOOD IN YOUR _____”?

  • HaileUnlikely

    You go call the authorities, moron, and tell them about that cat of yours that you are unlawfully allowing to roam outside.

  • I’m sort of tempted to go feed that cat, just to watch the owner go through with that threat. I’d hope she’d put the call on speaker.

  • So many cat owners are suffering the ill effects of toxoplasmosis and don’t even realize it. It causes all sorts of erratic behavior.

  • I’m picturing one very fat, happy cat chilling on her front stoop.

  • How are we to know which cat is this sign posters’ cat? I regularly walk around with food in my pockets feeding a large number of cats and without an accurate description or picture I can’t ensure that I don’t accidentally feed this particular cat. I don’t want to be arrested for illegal feeding and am now at a crossroads as to how to go about my cat feedings in the future. Please assist.

  • “Stay the F_ _ _ off our block! If I catch you, I will call the authorities!
    Have a nice day! Thank you!”
    Bipolar much?

  • Clearly a case of reverse psychology!

  • Well since I am sure the not so passive aggressive person lets their cat wander – I assume people are being nice to what they feel may be a stray. So my response would be “keep your cat inside and I won’t feed it”

  • There is a woman that rides her bike around some of the alleys in the NW feeding all the alley cats. It’s pretty annoying but I don’t think most of these cats are house cats. I can’t imagine keeping an outdoor cat in the city and then having the gall to get angry that someone else was feeding it.

  • justinbc

    I want to give it a tray of lasagna. Thank you, have a nice day!

  • Maybe this is in response to the very very deceased cat that has been laying on the sidewalk on South Carolina between 14th & 15th SE all week.

  • Then keep your cat indoors, which is what a responsible pet parent does.

  • Keep your cat indoors and that won’t happen! Try altering your behavior!!!!

  • Wait…so the cat is out and about and the owner thinks she owns the block? Okay…

  • Damn you, you animal lover, you! Damn you to hell! Now have a great day! 🙂

  • Dear Cat Lady,
    Please stop your cat from eating my rats.
    That is all.

  • Wow. I think someone might be off their meds.

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