“Crime on the Corner of Georgia and Lamont”

“Dear PoPville,

I have lived in the Park View for 4 years and really like the convenience of the area. However, the bus stop at the corner of Georgia ave. and Lamont st. has always been a hub for loitering, open container drinking, and other suspect activities. In recent weeks, there has been an exponential increase in the amount of people congregating around the bus stop, liquor store, Eddie Leonard’s Carry Out and and further down by the ALSCO building. At one point, there were at least 20 men loitering and drinking from open containers in this general area, with some obstructing the entrance to the apartment building located at 3318 Georgia Avenue NW, and others obstructing the entrance to the condominiums located on Lamont Street. Just last week, a concerned citizen informed me that they witnessed several cars dropping off men with no clear intent or purpose other than to loiter on the corner.

In addition to the loitering, there is a vacant house located directly accross the street from Eddie Leonard that I have been told is a known drug house. I have seen young men hanging around the steps of the house “interacting” with who I perceive to be as drug addicts. I have also been told that Eddie Leonard is cashing food stamps and other social benefits so these indivudals can go accross the street and purchase their drugs from the drug house.

All of this has to stop. I know that sounds naive, but I really want to call Park View residents to action or any DC resident that wants to help rid crime from our neighborhood. We can get special attention to the area by calling 911 to report loitering or whatever you deem to be suspious behavior. While I understand loitering is not a crime in DC, I am sure that the crimes occuring in this area are causing the loitering.

Please contact MPDC:
● 3rd District Commander Jacob Kishter at [email protected] / (202) 673­6820
● 3rd District Captain Burt Henry at [email protected] / (202) 409­2027/ (202) 671­6777
● 3rd District (PSA 302) Lieutenant Mark Hodge at [email protected] (202) 489­8338 / (202)

You can also go to 3rd District headquaters on 1624 V St NW
Washington, DC 20009 and fill out a special attention form with the Vice Unit.

In addition to the police, you can also email our council member Brianne Nadeau at [email protected] and ANC rep., Bobby Holmes, at [email protected] My hope is that with community attention, we can address this issue.”

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  • I’ve been in Park View for three years and I agree – it’s getting worse. Will the police actually do anything, though? I’m doubtful.

    • I had lived in the area for 6.5 years until a few months ago. Things increasingly got worse, so I moved.

    • They likely won’t be able to do much if neighbors are not calling 911 and reporting incidents as they happen. Police can’t make arrests without evidence of violations. I would recommend talking with any officers on patrol you see in the neighborhood, talk with your ANC representative and ask them how you can help, and go to PSA (Police Service Area) meetings where you talk directly with police about concerns.

      I went to a CAC meeting in Ward 4 and the DC Attorney General’s office came. They mentioned that in some cases police can’t always take action if they don’t see evidence of violations but the AG’s office can use frequency of 911 calls about nuisance properties to put legal pressure on tenants/owners of the properties.

  • Wow, I had no idea all this was going on. There is def a lot of loitering in Park View and some of them seem to be doing just that, BUT I do see some smoking weed and maybe drinking. They also litter the sidewalks with all their trash. Ever since the weather warmed up there are 20-30 people on my street smoking weed and little kids running around. They also frequently open their car doors and blast music. Usually they’re gone by 10pm, but occasionally this goes on to after midnight. It’s frustrating.

  • I walk past this area on my way to work twice a day most days. I have never felt threatened or unsafe, even when the loiterers are out in full force.
    If SNAP fraud is going on, stop that first. Go after the cash flow. Go after what IS actually illegal as opposed to trying to stop the completely legal practice of people being on a street corner.

    • but… but… they are LOITERING in front of the CONDOS.

      • I get that the “loitering in front of the condos” argument seems whiny and misguided. I have had a similar response for others who have complained about this issue, during my last year living at Lamont and Georgia. But when you have a stabbing, a carjacking, and 40 people hanging out around a black SUV at 11pm on a Tuesday, and MPD doesn’t even respond to requests for a patrol, I think some concern is reasonable. Elderly loiterers, even drunks, aren’t really the problem.

        • And I think people are allowed to complain about loitering, period, regardless of its legality in this city (which is a ridiculous policy, btw). I wouldn’t turn it into a race thing or an anti-elderly drug user thing. As a single young woman, I would not feel comfortable, day after day, making my way through a crowd of 20-30 men just laying about. That’s my experience and my feeling- I’m not sure why anyone thinks they can belittle or downplay the OP’s feelings. It’s not whiny, and I’m not moving to the burbs because I have a lower tolerance for this crap. When the problem is further exacerbated by SNAP fraud and other malfeasance, no one is on good ground attacking the OP. She or he has a legitimate complaint. Best of luck to them.

          • I’m a single woman, and I walk through this “crowd” on a daily basis. It’s usually 3 to 5 guys in the morning, and maybe 10 in the evenings. I’m not there at 11pm, so I can’t judge that. I can honestly say that I have never been harassed at all by this crowd. They mind their business, I mind mine. No sure, go after the illegal activity going on – SNAP fraud, the car jacking, etc. But I doubt the loiterers are involved in much of that (ok, the SNAP fraud, yes) because they are too high to do anything.

          • Hear, hear. Loitering may not be illegal in DC, but it’s still somewhere on the line between symptom and cause of a lot of our city’s street crime, and there’s no reason to bag on someone for trying to do something about that crime.

          • I empathize with you, as I’m sure passing through a large group congregating might make you feel uncomfortable, but I think it would be helpful to look at this from the other side, as well. You’re moving into a neighborhood, and asking people in that neighborhood to stop behaving in the (perfectly legal) manner that they have been behaving for years. You expect them to stop socializing with each other on the corner, and go do something else (what?) instead, because you occasionally walk down the street and feel uncomfortable. That doesn’t seem entirely reasonable to me.
            Maybe the solution is to have more visible police on the avenue. If there’s bike/segway officers rolling up and down the street, it might help to make people feel more comfortable, and might help to prevent (or at least move) some of the crimes that happen there. But it won’t (and shouldn’t, in my opinion), keep people from hanging around.

        • JCM, While I appreciate your empathy, I disagree with your entire post outside of a increased police presence. I have lived at this corner for 9 years and I can assure you that this is not the way that they have been behaving for years. This is a more recent phenomenon within the last 6 months to a year and the number of loiterers is increasing noticeably.

          As far as expectations, let me offer you a perspective from someone who walks the block several times a day. Walking my dogs, I’ve encounter discarded food/trash, needles, broken glass and the like. I have personally ushered two of the more persistent loiterers out of the package room at Lamont St Lofts where they were helping themselves to the resident’s packages. The more egregious acts aside (drug use, theft, property damage), it’s hard to fathom that the loitering increase and the recent crime increase are not related.

    • Same here. There’s a huge number of (mostly elderly) loiterers at the 70 stop, but they’re usually zoned out on whatever the house across the street is selling and I don’t really feel bothered. But if the OP is scared, I guess it’s not really my place to tell them to get over it.

      For the OP I guess it boils down to: report any actual illegal activity you see, and leave the “there’s too many black men around here lately” bullshit at the door.

      • Calling out OP for their sensitivity to loitering is one thing. Ridiculing for concern for their concern when a stabbing and carjacking that occurred within 4 days is another.

        • Sure, the OP was probably concerned about that thing they never mentioned, and not the things that they actually wrote in about. That’s probably it.

          • Just saying that perhaps OP has more valid reason for concern about the block and did a poor job of contextualizing the sketchiness that is felt in that area. As a resident of the block, I’ll reiterate that concern about loitering is one thing, concern violent crimes that occur half a block away is another.

      • I’m not really telling OP to get over it…. I mean, I can understand why it makes people nervous I guess? I mean, I guess it’s uncomfortable walking near loiterers or having to watch them from a car window or condo window? Idk, I’m pretty much reaching here…. for me, this is like the one group of loiterers I walk past that doesn’t cat call me, harass me, or anything else. Yes, they are smoking weed sometimes, yes, they are drinking sometimes, but you know what? It’s not like I can walk through Petworth without having to explain to my kids that there must be a lot of skunks in the city now because of people smoking pot on their porch and it’s not like I’ve never been drunk on a street before. So really, who am I to judge?

      • Why then whenever I see a cip car parked on the block (which isn’t very often) nobody ia loitering? Loitering is legal but all the other BS they are diing on a daily basis is NOT. Please stop with the race thing and call a spade a spade.

    • binpetworth

      I echo the need to report SNAP (Food Stamps) fraud. Reports are taken seriously by the USDA Office of the Inspector General and the vendor can lose its license. You can make a report by calling (800) 424-9121.

  • THANK YOU OP, for providing some contact info for area residents to at least try to get a response from MPD on this issue.
    I live at the corner of Lamont and Georgia and, while we’ve grown accustomed to large numbers of loiterers on our block, things seem to be rapidly worsening. Last Friday, there was a stabbing at 742 Lamont. As you and other readers have mentioned, there are known drug houses on the block in addition to Eddie Leonard’s being a serious sketch nest.
    Last night, upon returning to our building around 11pm, there was an abnormally high number of people hanging out directly in front of our door, clustered around a black SUV with all the lights out. We watched from our window for a bit and saw multiple parties coming, exchanging “unknown” items, then leaving, with several individuals clearly playing a “lookout” role.
    As I said, I’ve grown pretty accustomed to all sorts of shady activity in this neighborhood, and generally write it off as just being par for the course as an urban resident. But last night made me feel especially uncomfortable, and so I attempted to call our district police station in order to see if they could dispatch someone to the area to at least create the illusion that there is police presence on that corner. My 11:15pm call was met with a lackluster response and after some persistence, the operator agreed to put in a call to 911 non-emergency. However, this morning I see that at 11:37pm there was a CARJACKING at Lamont and Georgia! Clearly MPD did not follow up on my concerns, which is unfortunate since the real reason for my call was to prevent this kind of crime BEFORE it happens. With this level of (worsening) activity and lack of police response, it’s only a matter of time before things start to get really, really bad at this intersection.

    • 911 is for all police calls, both emergency and non-emergency. Next time, try calling 911 directly, since it sounds like the district station isn’t being very helpful.

  • People loiter in the summertime. If they are just an annoyance then you are out of luck. If they are threatening other people or dangerous then you might have a point.

  • If you think Eddie Leonard is committing fraud with SNAP benefits, here’s how to report it:

  • I live down the block on Sherman and Lamont I agree there has been an uptick of loitering. I think cops take a blind eye to the area since they loiters are just old junkies keeping to themselves. Police station is literally two black away on Park. I don’t know i Just don’ understand why they just don’t park a police car on the corner and hang out.

    • It’s a 4D station and this is in 3D. I know quite s*#\ty placement if you ask me.

    • I’ve been on 2 juries in my years in DC and both were for PWID crack cocaine in the immediately vicinity of this intersection (10 years apart).

      The cops clearly are arresting people there (and elsewhere) for drug crimes on the regular (look at the arrest report that MPD puts out daily if you ever want to be overwhelmed).

      The problem, from the MPD perspective, is that juries aren’t typically convicting these guys. Both of my juries ended up hung after days and days of deliberation. Call it jury nullification, call it people trying to stick a tiny wrench in a racist justice system, call it poor jury selection by DAs but I don’t blame MPD for not constantly locking up every single person suffering from addiction who is a low level cog in the distribution game when they know they can’t get a good rate of convictions. The paperwork (and time off the beat) associated with booking an arrest is a pretty big opportunity cost when there is little to be gained.

  • “several cars dropping off men with no clear intent or purpose other than to loiter on the corner”
    Hey, do you ever take Uber to go hang out with your friends? Same idea….

  • Good luck. This has stayed the same or gotten worse since I got here in 2002. The only way this will ever change is if the Park Morton finally gets redeveloped. A full block of abandoned buildings, coupled with all the abandoned structures on Georgia, is just a magnet for illegal activity. An building full of new condo owners would attract business and get rid of this problem quickly.

    • Agreed it would help a great deal if they redeveloped Park Morton. However, they’re not all abandoned…some people still live there. The redevelopment is still in the works; it’s just not moving quickly at all.

  • I walk up and down this stretch of Georgia several times a week, so I know what you’re talking about. However, as you noted, loitering is not illegal in DC. If the loiterers aren’t actually committing a crime, the police can’t do anything. You can’t call 911 just to report loitering.
    Eddie Leonard is definitely shady though. I don’t know about food stamp fraud, but I’ve seen them buying stolen cell phones.

  • Speaking of crime in this area, did anyone see the ruckus at the 77 Market the other night? Craziness.

  • Egad

    There has been an uptick of crime in this area, lately. It’s not just loitering.

    The corner store at Georgia and Irving was just ransacked, the worker assaulted. Police were slow to respond.


  • we call this block sketchy lamont st. several months ago, i saw a bunch of young guys run out of the new affordable apartment building chasing a guy with a bat. we’re lucky they didnt start shooting.

  • I posted about this intersection on the stabbing post the other day. I live on Keefer two houses off Georgia, I have owned for four years, in that time I have watched Petworth Liqour do a pretty good job of cleaning up its game but watched the bus stop deteriorate. For the most part people are right it is old junkies who are fairly harmless, but at the same time it is illegal drugs and with the the potential for violence. Good news is that it looks like the shut down the house behind Chocolate City the other day.

    • Looked hard at Lamont and Keefer during a house hunt, and while the housing stock was gorgeous, the rampant drug use wasn’t, so I looked elsewhere. Like you said, the old junkies circling the drain are harmless, but the people selling them their express ride to the bottom aren’t. Those corners were just a little too close for my personal comfort.

      I’m glad it’s worked out for you–everything about that spot strikes me as great, except this.

      • Keefer as a block in isolation is amazing, tight nit, great neighbor, everyone knows each other, says hello and hangs out, plus one block one-way with a speed bump. I would never complain about the block/street or the broader neighborhood as a whole it is just Georgia Ave. Vacant store fronts, drugs, trash, and now more recently the specific corner of Lamont and Keefer deteriorating. I know that it hurt Mothership, their last night when they closed while we were all drunk and sad at the end of the night we went over a “took over” the bus stop/drug stop in front of Eddie Lenard’s, that spot has gotten worse and is dragging down the neighborhood and any hope for successful local businesses with it.

  • Also related: the complete destruction of the 77 Market convenience store. The employee called the police three times and they did not show up for nearly one hour! Completely unacceptable. Chief Lanier claims it only took them 18 minutes, but also ridiculous.

    • Just to clarify, when someone calls 911 or 311, they aren’t calling the police. They are calling an independent agency, the Office of Unified Communications. Chief Lanier said that MPD responded 18 minutes after the call was dispatched, which was acceptable. But MPD can’t be held responsible for delays in OUC dispatching the call.

      • * which was UNacceptable, not acceptable.

        • ::expletive:: 18 minutes? That’s ridiculous. How can Chief Lanier even justify that with a straight face?

          • She didn’t. She even said 18 minutes was unacceptable. The Office of Unified Comms has a problem then. One time I tried to call 911 about gun shots and it took me two minutes to get through!! I kept getting a busy signal.

    • That was insane! I saw the footage from the store’s security camera on the news story. Beyond unacceptable that police were delayed over an hour! The poor store employee.

  • Rashida Brown, on the Park View Advisory Neighborhood Committee, is a good person to contact about things like this. She seems to fight hard for crime prevention and neighborhood cleanup/improvement. (Disclaimer: I’m just a neighbor, not a promoter) http://anc.dc.gov/page/advisory-neighborhood-commission-1a

  • It’s funny, loitering is not illegal but blocking the sidewalk (essentially existing outside) is. The City Paper recently ran an article all about it. So loitering is “illegal” depending on the whim of the cop in question. This area is still a mess but it’s better than the 90s.

  • If it’s a drug house, I re-iterate the importance of calling it in. It gets noted, and it helps build a case if/when the DA or the Marshalls get involved. This happened with a couple of active drug houses on the 900-1200 blocks of Quincy. Because there were enough legit calls about what was going on there, the Marshalls were able to evict. The one on the 900 block was flipped and sold for $725 a couple of years ago.

  • The problem with asking people to report loitering is that loitering is not illegal. Unless these folks are congregating on private property without the permission of the owner, the police can’t do anything about them just standing around. If you see something that looks like drug dealing or open drinking, that’s a different story. By all means report it. But whether people like it or not, the police in DC are not going to show up just to “move people along.”
    The fact that cars are dropping people off to hang out on that corner shows the limits of gentrification. These folks may not be able to afford to live in the area anymore, but they can still hang out here.

    • That’s what I don’t get. If you don’t live here anymore, then why are you still coming back to “hang out”? I come from generations of Irish who lived on Chicago’s South Side until the 1980s. Guess what? I don’t travel back to the South Side to hang out. That part of town was home to my family since the mid-1800s, but now it isn’t. Life moves on- they should, too.

      • But they have every right not to “move on,” if that is their wish. It’s a free country, after all.

  • My partner and I just recently moved to the neighborhood and we are so so happy to be living in ParkView. I immediately noticed the large number of people gathering outside the vacant house and outside Gray’s Market, but have never really felt physically threatened. That being said, it seems like that area has created a hotbed of criminal activity. On the night of June 10th there were around 7 police cars that had completely blocked off the entrance to Lamont from Georgia and had taped off the alley next to the vacant house. It was around 9:30pm. I still have no idea what happened, but it didn’t look good. Because I am a new resident, I don’t have any historical understanding of the situation, but it does seem to be a little out of hand at times.

    • That was a dust up between a long time resident of Keefer and some random people, when the cops came the people went up the from Keefer to Lamont and the cops basically blocked them at Lamont, have no idea what the cause was or the result of the police activity. As I noted earlier in this post it looks like they shut down the drug house. When I was coming home from work on Monday there was a cop there and I asked if they were cleaning the place up and he said yes. Later when I went to walk my dog there was a detective there as well, so hopefully that corner, South East side will not be a problem anymore

  • LOL at you guys. I understand the feeling – but your 3 years of experience in Park View and determination to stop “loitering” isn’t going to get you very far. You’re coming into a pattern of established behavior that’s been there for WAY before you would have considered living in the area. The reason you’ve found it so affordable for the space you have is …well, lots of people pay not to put up with that kind of behavior (and/or get a police response from it). My best advice is to get involved with your police at the local PSA, get to know your councilmember, and make use of both. What they have to tell you may be really valuable – and you can understand what truly warrants their involvement and what doesn’t. Wanting to improve your neighborhood is a noble goal – don’t expect it to happen overnight because someone made you feel uncomfortable and skirted some loosely written laws.

    • That’s PSA 302. For what it’s worth, there was a lieutenant (or maybe captain?) from 302 at a recent community meeting I went to, and he didn’t seem particularly sympathetic to people who wanted to report drug sales on their block. Maybe he was playing devil’s advocate, but he came across as dismissive.

  • I understand what everyone is saying about loitering not being illegal in DC and I am ok with that, the problem is that the loitering in that area isn’t people just chilling on the corner it is directly related to drugs, specifically heroin. All it would take is posting a cop in the alley between Keefer and Lamont and the alley between Keefer and Keyon and the police would see the actual drug swaps take place, I watch them from my front porch looking north as kitchen looking south all the time, it isn’t hard to stop illegal activity and not just loitering. Plus I cop consistently there would mean it wouldn’t be a great place to loiter. I don’t know it seems really simple to me.

    • Yep. Saw the sloppiest drug swap I have ever seen just a month or so ago on Lamont outside of the house where the stabbing happened the other day. I knew I was making them nervous and I “almost” said something to them, but even in broad daylight with others around I didn’t feel safe to say anything or call the police at that very moment to report it. I’ve lived at the corner of Georgia and Lamont for five years now, and as I said on the stabbing post the situation at that corner is the worst it has ever been. I know loitering is legal, and it were just that I could deal with it, but it’s not. I also don’t think that people who don’t live in the neighborhood have any grounds for telling residents to suck it up. With that many people milling around I’ve seen more illegal activity take place just since the weather warmed up than I used to see in a year – there were like three fist fights in the span of one week right in front of our building (that’s when I wrote in to Commander Kishter to ramp up patrols.) It definitely has a feeling of things escalating. I wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear about the stabbing, so I really hope that people take action and use these contacts. We all deserve to be safe, even those who are loitering on our block. If you’re just chillin and high, I doubt the police are going to care, but a police presence might keep you safer while you do.

    • The problem with this is arresting street-level dealers and users is a losing game that doesn’t stop the problem. Back on the street the next day, now with an enhanced criminal record and in the criminal justice system. I’ve been mugged in DC twice and desperately want the crime situation here to change, but going after street-level dealers is not an easy fix.

  • Has anyone spoken to your council member Brianme Nadeau?

  • Our company was the developer of Lamont Street Lofts, 3232 Georgia Residential, and the new commercial stores on the ground floor, including our headquarters. I’m a life long resident of DC and have grown up in and lived in some “challenging” neighborhoods in my day. I’m comfortable with folks hanging outside on a nice day – it’s a free country, and my ongoing assumption is that the vast majority of people are well intentioned and mean no malice to anyone. But this is far beyond that, and it’s getting worse.

    I am not going to settle for having the place that I come to work everyday,where my employees come to work every day, where my clients come to meet us, where my residents live, where my business owners are struggling to keep their head above water, and where my wife and young daughters come to see me being full of drug dealers, drunks and heroin addicts. I have asked Commissioner Boese to convene a meeting with MPD, CM Nadeau, and all interested stakeholders to initiate a long term strategy to clean this mess up. I look forward to seeing all concerned neighbors at the meeting.

    • Adrian – Would you be able to keep popville posted on any such meeting and/or let the residents of Lamont Street Lofts know when it’s going to happen?

      • I live on Georgia and I echo my neighbors’ concerns about the drug use, abuse and public safety issues. As a dog owner I have experienced our neighborhood at all hours of the day and night over the past several years- and while summer always brings an uptick in activity (both harmless and dangerous), this year has been exceptionally bad. The drug use has remained pretty consistent but the violence and aggression has escalated.

        I know that 90% of our neighbors that are hanging out on the sidewalks are law abiding and just lack space to socialize (okay, and maybe also to drink.) Honestly even the majority of our local drug users are friendly and harmless. Actually even our local dealers are friendly to us neighbors. Unfortunately, there are a handful of individuals that are escalating these issues to the point of serious concern as touched upon by previous commenters.

        Three weeks ago a group of my neighbors contacted Councilmember Nadeau and Bobby Holmes outlining our shared concerns and assessment of the situation, suggested possible solutions and requested immediate assistance. Although we have yet to get a response from Holmes, Nadeau has suggested a public safety walk with the local MPD, and has promised to get back to us with some additional solutions. We have yet to hear more about those items, but we are hopeful to hear something soon. I am happy to keep POPville updated of any progress we make with Nadeau. And I encourage all concerned neighbors to join us in finding solutions to the underlying issues; i.e. lack of public space, lack of police presence, abundance of vacant commercial buildings, need for crime prevention environmental design, etc etc.

        But in the meantime, thanks to the OP for providing all of the contact information for the MPD, Nadeau and Holmes. Nadeau’s only advice thus far was to continue calling in everything we see. i have been told by more than one police officer to call 911 everytime i see something because even if they don’t get there in time to make an arrest, the stats help them determine where to increase presence. Although I haven’t seen it work yet, I remain hopeful!

        And finally, I want to invite all to attend the bimonthly Georgia Avenue Community Task Force Meetings. They are a great forum to bring up concerns, and unite with neighbors. Both Nadeau and Mayor Bowser send representatives so it is potentially a good way to get heard. And lastly, as the Park Morton redevelopment gets underway, there will be a spotlight of political attention to our small block radius. While the city and developers look at the area for potential profit, it is the perfect time for our area to get the other services that we need as well! the next meeting is Monday July 13th at 7:00pm at 2616 Georgia Avenue.

    • Adrian if you have success in setting up a meeting about this people keep us informed.

  • This corner is bad news. On the few occasions I’ve taken the 70 bus from there, I’ve been subject to verbal harassment. As a man, the harassment has been limited to race-based comments, but I can imagine women waiting for the bus here likely have a worse experience. Add on the regular vehicle break-ins, of which I was a victim about 18 months ago, and I agree with the “something must be done” sentiment. It’s a real shame that there’s a police station within 500 yards of this corner, but (apparently) no routine patrols. Police presence isn’t the be all and end all, but it seems like it would be cheap and easy to have a foot patrol servicing the corner and the local businesses every few hours.

    • It is a poorly designed coverage area. Corner in discussion is 3D and police station 2 blocks away is 4D. You will get that excuse. Sad the border of 3 and 4D isn’t better served or coordinated.

  • We’ve lived near this corner for a few years and agree things have gotten worse recently. I’m really glad this was posted and got lots of feedback because we’ve been confused about what sorts of activity we should be & shouldn’t be reporting (and to whom).

    Here are some instances of things I’ve seen that I’ll be reporting:
    1. People sitting at the abandoned house across from Eddie Leonards
    2. Large congregations of people at various corners/locations who are blocking sidewalk access
    3. Events that I’m fairly certain are drug deals
    4. Individuals/groups that become verbally abusive
    5. People taking/smoking substances in public view

    When this occurs, I will dial 911 to report it and will send the following email…

    3rd District Commander Jacob Kishter
    3rd District Captain Burt Henry
    3rd District Lieutenant Mark Hodge
    Council Member Brianne Nadeau
    ANC Representative Bobby Holmes


    I would like to report the following crime/disturbance at [location]: [describe event].

    I have phoned 911 and am awaiting police response. I wanted to bring this to your attention as well, as crime has gotten out of hand in this neighborhood and action needs to be taken.

    Thank you.”

    I plan to do this every time, regardless of the frequency as long as I think it’s merited. If any of you has feedback or suggestions for my plan of action, please let me know. Otherwise, I hope that others join me in this proactive approach.

    Go Park View! 🙂

    • +1000

      For the record.. and to address any would-be racial instigators (trolls), OP is black. Not that OP’s race or ethnicity should matter or should play any significance in this matter.

      The bottom line is that this particular area is undeserved and requires special attention by MPD (PSA 302). OP’s desired outcome is simply to increase MPD patrols in this area to mitigate the issues and concerns of the local citizenry.. Specifically, mass loitering and illegal activity by a undesirable population at Georgia & Lamont.. Some of those concerns have been outlined above, while others may have been implied in the original post. OP does not seek mass arrest or squat style raids on the corner of Georgia & Lamont. OP simply request police presence in this undeserved area to mitigate this issue and to discourage such behavior. It has been noted… that in the rare occasion that MPD surfaces at this location, the corner quickly and mysteriously is abandoned. Thus, I don’t think OP’s request, or the local citizenry’s requests are unreasonable.

    • Lamonter / ALCON,

      This is exactly the appropriate course action required to affect the change that we want to see in our community. I would encourage the collective to adopt this same strategy. We deserve a cleaner and safer Parkview.. and this is a step toward that end.

    • +2000 thanks for laying this all out. I have made a note of it, and will do the same when I see illegal activity on our block. So probably sometime later tonight.

  • Dear concerned resident,
    What, exactly, are these people doing to cause you harm? If they are just standing around, that’s not really any of your business. You don’t actually know that they are buying drugs or cashing in food stamps, those are just rumors, and unfortunately, they are based in racial stereotypes. I live a few blocks from there and pass this group of men regularly, and they have never once bothered me in any way. Would you be so upset if there were a bunch of white men standing around outside drinking, as they do regularly in most neighborhoods in DC? I’m willing to bet that most of these men have lived in Park View longer than you have, and they are likely doing a lot of standing around because it’s extremely difficult for black men in this country to get good jobs. If it’s so upsetting to you, move out of Park View.

    • Did you (above and below) miss the stabbing, carjacking, and “three fist fights in a week” discussions above orrrrr like what? For the 500th time, the issues of this block are not the loitering alone, although, as another poster said, the excessive loitering may be “between symptom and cause” of the issues the block faces.

    • WHY must you make this ‘racial’?? Does it serve your point of view? I know this area very well and don’t give a rats a*$ if they are white, black, or latino… they are breaking the law plain and simple.

      I actually know these guys fairly well from interacting with them for years. Why don’t you go up there and ask them if they want a job, and I’m willing to bet most laugh at you. In fact, I’ve talked to a couple of the old timers (still of working age) on that corner for extended periods and they blatantly express to me that they’d much rather be ‘dealing in the game’ than get a legit job. Plus they have social income coming in on the side.

      Please don’t give us that BS.

    • qmgn,
      First, let me just get this out the way. I am the OP and the OP is black. I will admit, maybe, I did not do a great job of addressing all of the things that have happened to me or that I have witnessed living in this area for the last four years. I did not want the posting to be the litany of sh*t I have seen over the years, but, more so, if you “see something, say something.” Now, let me address your comments.

      “What, exactly, are these people doing to cause you harm?” Well, my car has been broken into by one of the young men with dreads that stands on the corner doing what you say is “nothing.” I have been harassed by the young men on the corner to the extent where they are following me to my car or my home because I would not respond to their advances. THAT SH*T IS UNCOMFORTABLE and has happened many times. I have seen these same young men engage in transactions with known drug addicts. How do I know they are known drug addicts? Well, I can see them in the alley from my home shooting up. I have seen many a times the corner so thick with these “lovely” young men that I have to walk on the other side of the street or wait until it dies down to enter my home I have seen them hurl insults at each other (to the point of fight breaking out) or pushing the “old heads” around. They are on the steps of my property eating their food and then using my yard as a trash can. I can go on, but I think you get the point… harm is there. “If they are just standing around, that’s not really any of your business.” I agree, it is not my business if they were just standing there, but they are not. See answer above. “You don’t actually know that they are buying drugs or cashing in food stamps, those are just rumors, and unfortunately, they are based in racial stereotypes.” I do know they are buying drugs because I have seen it. You are right. I was told that food stamps are being cashed at Eddie Leonard. I have not witnessed that. I don’t think it’s based on racial stereotypes given the individual who told me, but I digress on this point. “I live a few blocks from there and pass this group of men regularly, and they have never once bothered me in any way.” I am glad you have never experienced what I have experienced. Good for you. “Would you be so upset if there were a bunch of white men standing around outside drinking, as they do regularly in most neighborhoods in DC?” Again, not a race issue so I would call the cops on them too if they were harassing me. The “old heads” drinking and not harassing me, I am fine with and have been fine with for four years. But, as I noted above, its not them I am concerned with. “I’m willing to bet that most of these men have lived in Park View longer than you have, and they are likely doing a lot of standing around because it’s extremely difficult for black men in this country to get good jobs.” You are probably right that they have lived here longer than me. I can’t confirm that. However, I reject your notion that they are standing around on THIS corner because it is “extremely difficult for black men in this country to get good jobs.” I am just going to leave it there because I don’t want to turn this into a race discussion. “If it’s so upsetting to you, move out of Park View.” It is very upsetting to me to see a community be taken down by a few bad apples. I will not move out, I will try and address the issue until I know longer want to. Please feel free to join me or not.

      Again, my note was meant to be a call to action. If you experience or see something not right, please contact the proper folks. I just want the Cops, ANC, City Council, and Mayor’s Office to pay attention to this block like they do in Mt. Pleasant, where I lived for years. I think people have listed some great ideas on the blog thus far and I am thankful to you.

      • THANK YOU.
        Most of us residents appreciate your willingness to take action and address this problem. I, for one, am willing to help by calling the police (and participate in other ways that are identified) when I see ILLEGAL activity. I do this not because a few ‘trolls’ say that I am a racist, but because I want the community to be safe and better for everyone (black, white, latino, etc…).

        • Right, pulling out the classist/racist/sexist name-calling when actual violent crime has occurred is flawed. This is a safety issue, period.

      • THANK YOU OP! I hate it that people on here are accusing you and other posters of being racist or “insensitive.” I also imagine that they DO NOT live in our few blocks of the neighborhood and have yet to witness the ACTUAL illegal activities happening. I couldn’t care less about folks loitering. About 8 guys hang out in front of my house every single night, and I chat with them and they’ve pet my dogs… this is not an issue and shouldn’t be. If you have a problem with black guys congregating on a street corner on a nice summer evening, you’ve got other issues. The things that the OP and others are bringing up here are different and pose real safety issues for our community, especially the small block of Georgia to Lamot to 6th to Keefer. My partner and I have debated calling 911 multiple times but weren’t sure if we would be doing good or harm. This conversation has been helpful in describing the options we have available to us when we feel a need to notify the authorities.

  • this post, and some of the comments above, seem a bit insensitive and dehumanizing. these are people, i’m sure some with families and going through a tough time. just because you can’t relate to them or they’re “loitering” doesn’t mean they’re criminals and need to be policed — especially if they’re people of color in a disadvantaged area, we all know how well those interactions can play out. obviously the authorities should be called if people’s lives or safety are in danger but a gut-reaction to call the police just because you think you know what’s going on could end very badly for some of the people you’re describing.

  • If you suspect SNAP fraud is going on here, you should file a suspected abuse report with the USDA OIG.

  • There is also the same problem a block up in front of the convenience store on GA (next to the gas station), more with the young bloods from the PM Complex. Everything described at Lamont is happening there and sadly this is LESS than a block from the Park Road Police Substation.

  • Hi Again,

    Just wanted to share some more updates (even since last night!). Bobby Holmes sent out an email this afternoon informing us that he has reached out to the Commander of 3D regarding our concerns. The Commander has assured him that there will be more patrols and that they are monitoring the situation.

    Holmes has also offered to coordinate a community meeting for the residents of this area. If you live in this particular area and would like to participate in a meeting, please fill out this survey Holmes has distributed.


    thanks to anyone who reached out and helped move this forward and thanks to the OP for thinking to use POPville to light a little fire under our leadership and law enforcement! Hopefully will have more good news to report soon!

  • Having the traditional meeting with the politicians and the police will help, but it’s going to take more than that. See the attached link for a case study of what some neighbors in Chicago did. It’s a lot of work, but it’s going to take something like this.


  • I have no problem with these people. I catch the 70 from that bus stop every morning and I’ve never been bothered.

  • it’s not the loiterers that are the problem, it’s the folks offering to sell me crack, having sex behind my house, leaving heroin needles on my front steps and then the occasional aggressive and high pedestrian threatening my life. to be fair, the threats never come from the regular users, and the “loiterers” are the first to come to my defense.

    but i still think the neighborhood deserves better social services, law enforcement and community attention.

  • Stop gentrifying and then you don’t have to deal with it…

    • That’s so messed up. “Leave poor people alone and isolated so that they can commit their harmful acts solely on each other.” Is that the same answer you have about a bad school or shitty city services?

  • We will be hosting a community meeting this Wednesday, July 15th at 7:00 to discuss the current situation and what we can do. The ANC, MPD and the Mayor’s Office has been invited. Meeting will be held at 3232 Georgia Avenue Apartments in the community room. Hope to see everyone who wants action to be there. The objective of this meeting will be action, not just more talk.

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