Cocktail Bar Coming to the Basement of 600 T Street, NW?

600 T Street, NW

A reader reports:

“these guys are working on a cocktail bar coming to the basement of 600T NW.”

Anyone else hear about this?

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  • Wow, that would be pretty cool.

  • justinbc

    Is the building zoned / permitted / etc for that? Surely it would have gone through multiple stages of approval before actual construction began.

    • It’s C-2-A so, yes. Building permits and ARBA licenses still need to occur, but there would be no BZA/ANC input into that.

      PErmit says: alteration and repair to existing sports bar 25 seats – 29 max occupancy on c2a district. existing certificate of occupancy from 8/4/2004 co80958

  • Sigh. Still waiting on the Tipsy Peacock…

  • It would seem to me that to establish a cocktail bar in the basement of 600 T Street, NW would be illegal for many reasons I.E. Zoning and building constraints. I wonder if DCRA is aware of this and if the surrounding residents approve of it. There seems to be too many Gin Joints being established in this city. It almost look’s like old Baltimore’s Pennsylvania Ave with one gin joint and club after another. All in all this is not too cool with the PoPo in short supply of personnel.

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