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  • I love the stars and bars to the left, and the pinky ring. Nice job!

  • So the Cosby mural just has to come down, but we glorify a SECOND mural to a CONVICTED murderer? OMG the priorities in this city sometimes!

    • Aglets

      It was self defense. He got out in 1958.

      But keep on that track

      • A Virginia jury convicted Mr. Brown of aggravated assault, which was bumped up to murder when the victim died in the hospital six months later. Mr. Brown served eight years at the Lorton Correctional Complex.

    • There are lots of monuments, murals, statues, etc. that glorify people from our history that are less than stellar examples of the human race (see all the confederate monuments and statues of the brave glorious leaders of the CSA). If you want to tilt at that windmill go right a head.

  • They’re both good! Wind me up, Chuck!

  • I like the first one better too.

  • I liked the original better, as well. There’s something weird going on with the hat in the new one.

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