Check Out the K Street Parklet


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Behold, DC’s first long-term parklet! It doesn’t seem like the most relaxing location but people are using it.”

A Golden Triangle BID’s press release says:

“Passers-by on K Street in the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District will soon have a new outdoor space. A parklet, which is a mini-park created by extending the existing sidewalk, will transform two parking spaces into a playful, energetic area in front of 2020 K St., NW.

The parklet, named parKIT, was created by two Gensler designers who won an in-house design competition. The BID and Gensler will hold small activities in the park each week through the rest of the summer with a theme of “Making the City.”

Parklet 1

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  • Before anyone comments on the jarring yellow colors and sharp angles, two words:

    Golden Triangles

  • But what about the wisp of a chance I might have to park 1/2 a block closer to to office/doctor’s office/FedEx/other place that I go once a year?! Where is the District’s concern for VA Commuters!? GARRRR!!

  • Egad

    I hand it to the Golden Triangle BID. They are always trying to add some fun, funky touches to the area. This winter, they had Haikus in the tree boxes. In the early summer, they had a tree box contest to see which building’s tree box theme was the best. These little artistic touches are much appreciated. Bland K Street needs all the help it can get!

  • I’m so happy that parklets are coming to DC. I hope there are a lot more in the works. I love the parklets in San Francisco and know people will like them here too.
    In the Post article about this parklet it mentioned that they haven’t figured out who will pay the parking meter costs for the spaces they take up. In SF a business (or, for one I saw, a person) sponsors the parklet and pays the fees. They bring big benefits to coffee shops, so think they can be worth it for the business.

  • I don’t get the fascination with parklets. It’s just seating and a few plants.

  • Still trying to figure out why this cost $15,000

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