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  • Is that a convertible? Wonder if the top was left down.

  • Maryland drivers…

  • Aaaaand, PoP wins the caption contest in one!

  • Why does it fill me with glee to see that it’s a BMW?

  • Looks like the guy in the background is slow clapping the car fire.

  • It is kind of hot outside.

  • Question:
    why do so many cars catch on fire during the summer months? Last year, I personally witnessed 5 cars fires while traveling. Just last week, I saw two car fires on NJ Turnpike while driving back to DC.
    Is there a common, easily preventable cause for car fires?

    • Educated guess would be AC related; running the AC will cause more electrical stress on the engine. Cars do have a more difficult time dissipating heat during the summer, but it should cause a fire. Car fires are typically a flammable liquid leaking onto something hot or an electrical malfunction. The only fluid in your car that is not flammible is H2O.

      This is from a 2005 fire and arson study on auto fires “When sprayed onto the steel tubing heated to 1,000°F (a temperature that can occur quite readily in an engine compartment), both the green and pink coolant flashed into flame. This occurred not only at full strength, but also when mixed 50/50 with water, the ratio specified for most vehicle cooling systems. The diluted coolant burns because water evaporates faster than ethylene glycol. Once the water has evaporated, the remaining ethylene glycol ignites.”

    • I had my crappy old college car catch on fire during a summer heat wave. The car overheated and stupid 19 year old me kept driving anyways. I pulled over after smelling something funny and poof, the car caught on fire.

      According to my mechanic at the time its common for old poorly maintained cars to overheat in the hot summer months causing flammable liquids (oil or gas) to overflow onto the super hot engine which ignites the fire. If I had maintained my old car and also not driven when it was over heated it probably would have been fine (or as fine as a 15 year old crappy car could have been).

  • From Borderstan: “Parker Willie, the Adams Morgan resident who owned the car, told a Borderstan reporter on the scene that he noticed that the car’s breaks “didn’t feel right,” so he stopped the car and called a mechanic. But the car erupted into flames shortly thereafter.”

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