Buzz Bakery Closing in Navy Yard – Tasting Room and Bottle Shop from Bluejacket Coming + Bernie Sanders


With retina blowing imagery – Buzz Bakery tweets the news of their closure today:

“DC friends, the last day of operations for our Yards shop will be tmrw, 7/17. Please see full announcement below.”

Thanks to DC Beer for the heads up. Next door neighbor Bluejacket will be turning the space into a “bottle shop and tasting room in the coming weeks” per the tweet above. In other Blue Jacket news – @roberto20 tweets us:

“Bernie Sanders held his third official fundraising event at Bluejacket yesterday afternoon.”

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  • No love lost here for Buzz. Went there once. The staff was rude and both our cupcakes were dry. When we asked if they were fresh, they told us they “came in a few days ago.” Almost $4 for an old, stale cupcake…no thanks.

    • tiffany is such a better pastry chef than what buzz produces, in my (rather useless) opinion

      • justinbc

        She parted from NRG well over a year ago.

        • ah, well….I haven’t been to a buzz or NRG restaurant in almost 2 years, and I felt like buzz was never as good as I wanted it to be. The desserts at B&B were amazing, though. But again, haven’t been in a long time.

      • Are you kidding me? Did you have Buzz cupcakes and pastries before Tiffany was EPC? She’s responsible for the lobotomized, mediocre crap that still lingers there

        • no – I’m just saying the desserts at the restaurants were great and the stuff from buzz, not so much. That’s all. I have no skin in the game since I don’t patronize any buzz location since they’re not convenient whereas I’ll go out of my way for baked and wired 🙂

  • “With retina blowing imagery”
    Hahahahahahaaaa so true

    • You mean my eyeballs after reading that Buzz Bakery thing, or…oh right, you mean Bernie Sanders. 😉

  • This is great. I love Bluejacket beer, and this is a way better use of that space than some mediocre bakery.

  • Really liked what Bluejacket did with the space, but I thought brews were supposed to be a little cheaper when purchased at breweries – didn’t seem like it.

    • It might be an economies of scale. It costs more to produce a small batch of beer than a macrobrew or a larger scale micro, even if you are buying directly from the producer.

    • justinbc

      Where are you buying Bluejacket beer that it’s less expensive than at the brewery?

  • Coffee/Espresso wasn’t that great but they sure did charge a lot of money for it, and I’m not sure that the smell of brewing beer helped the business. Lot 38 Espresso Bar is always a decent option if you’re trying to stay away from the back 2 back Starbucks.

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