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  • I used to live on the Green line. Never wondering why people bitch so much about Metro. Now live on the Red Line. I UNDERSTAND.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Thank heavens I can use red or green/yellow-rush+!!

  • Okay, now I’m PISSED that I took metro for no reason today.
    So, at Twinbrook I have to get on a north bound train to go up to Rockville to get on a South bound train to single track through Twinbrook? Shoot me now.
    I wonder if the RideOn 46 is better. Or even the C4 to PG Plaza. Side note, isn’t C4 a weird name for a bus route?

    • I do have the option of taking the C4 to Wheaton and then board a Shady Grove bound train to Chinatown but that just sounds like too much work. 🙁

      • The 46 just goes down the Pike, so you could get on it at Twinbrook and go to Grosvenor, then head south. I really don’t know if there’s any time savings there though.

    • Why is C4 a weird name for a bus route? Also, keep in mind the C4 takes over an hour to go from Twinbrook to Prince George’s Plaza and is also already a crowded bus.

  • brookland_rez

    God, the one day (today) that I decide to take Metro to work instead of ride my motorcycle, this happens. I think I will be taking the G8 bus home.

    • Na. WMATA effs it up on the reg.

      • brookland_rez

        When I first got to DC in 2004, Metro was completely reliable. I mean there were times there were issues, but it was maybe 5% of the time. It’s amazing that Metro has devolved into the clusterf*ck that it is. WMATA needs to be fired and everyone along with it. It needs to be turned over to a private firm that will run it like a true business instead of a bureaucratic welfare agency that just happens to run trains.

        • 1. The trains are over capacity. There’s a lot more people living in the area than in 2004.
          2. A city’s subway service will never be profitable. Every public transportation system in the world runs at a loss and requires government subsidy. If we had to pay the true costs every time we rode, no one would ride it and would instead take their cars. That said, I think we need some organization to take over WMATA and implement efficiencies and a strict code of professional conduct, subject to termination.
          3. I think WMATA’s work force is aging. I don’t see many young staff running the trains or booths. When someone has been on the same job for 25 years, it breeds complacency IMHO. WMATA needs job rotations to keep workers engaged and learning new skills.

  • west_egg

    How much longer are we going to put up with this bullshit? I guarantee you that 90% of Metro’s day-to-day problems are due to (1) laziness, (2) lack of accountability, or (3) both.

    • brookland_rez

      Agree completely. I think most everyone in WMATA is incompetent and lazy. Fire them all and get a new organization in charge.

  • The orange line has a kicky name for days like this (ones that end in Y) – ‘the orange crush.,’ though I hear blue is actually worse at the moment. Does the red line have one? If not, I nominate ‘bloodbath.’ UGH.

  • Sorry folks, must be my fault. It never fails that the day I return from vacation, the Metro is hellish. I guess WMATA likes to welcome me home by reminding that I should have stayed away.

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    i'm glad i bike.

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