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  • YAAAY more stuff I’ll never be able to afford. But is nice to look at.

  • I was just checking out Shinola this weekend. Who buys this stuff? Sure, it all looks cool, but the watches are glorified Fossil watches, and you can buy similar bikes elsewhere for about a tenth of what they’re asking. Then again, I suppose there are plenty of people living nearby who have so much disposable income that they don’t even have to look at the price tag.

    • I felt the same way when I walked in to Shinola when it first opened. My GF and I walked out and were just bewildered at how they make money. Are there that many people in the market for thousand dollar faux-vintage bikes and watches? At a certain point, do the super-rich just look around desperately trying to find anything expensive to buy? Even if I won the lottery I can’t think of anything I’d want to buy in that store.

  • Sorry but my heart belongs to heath ceramics!!!

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