And Here is where the new Passenger will be in Shaw

1539 7th Street, NW

Ed. Note: To properly share how excited folks are about this one – I’d say I got about fifty emails from folks forwarding this news. Normally when folks are excited I’ll get five. This could easily be the most eagerly anticipated (re)opening of 2016.

Also from the Washington Post (and also from Tom Brown, see previous post):

“Brown has signed a lease on a two-story building at 1539 Seventh St. NW, next to Ivy and Coney, and he plans to reopen the Passenger in February 2016.”



1021 7th Street, NW

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  • Long gone are the days of a quiet Ivy and Coney. This’ll bring a ton more foot traffic! Good news for that stretch.

    • justinbc

      It was already slammed when I went on a random Wednesday night well after midnight.

      • Coincidentally, I was in Ivy and Coney early Saturday afternoon chatting with the bartender, and at point he was saying how the weeknight industry crowds were always good business but kept him from getting any work done until after closing.

        Which is to say, I think the crowd you experienced was the after-hours industry folks. I’m sure prior to midnight it was a bit slower.

    • +1. It’s amazing to me how much this block has transformed in the last year (Compass Coffee, Beau Thai, Petco), and how much more it will transform after the Passenger and all of the new stores across the street come in.

  • Shaw is officially the new “it” neighborhood. I do wish that they had been able to land a bigger space for this, though. The old Passenger was so crowded that it was almost not worth it anymore (and that’s saying something).

    • This is a surprisingly deep structure. If they use the second floor, it could end up being bigger than the original Passenger (but probably not by much). I wonder if they’ll do anything with the roof.

  • Wow, was just wondering about this space. Cool.

  • I can’t wait to have my favorite bar back. So excited!


  • I’m excited to get the passenger back, if for no other reason so that their insufferable patrons will go back to their own bar and stop crowding the other decent bars in the neighborhood.

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