After 40 Years Morton’s Pharmacy Closing on East Capitol Street

724 East Capitol St, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending from the prime location of 8th and East Capitol Street, NE.

Anyone hear plans for the prime corner space?

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  • Looks like it’s more than “closing.” It’s already closed!

  • tried them once since they are so close to my home and their process was too much and waiting time was too long
    walked up the street to CVS and had it way easier
    with that said i am sure a lot of people will miss them. Pretty much every time i passed by there seemed to be a line inside

  • If someone opened up a deli like Stachowski’s there I would be sooooo happy.

  • I live just a block away and so gave them a try, but thereafter went the extra four blocks to Grubbs at 4th and East Capitol. The folks at Grubbs seem to be much more aware that their service needs to outweigh CVS’s right-by-Metro convenience.

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