A Sign of Streetcar Actually Operating on H Street, NE in the not far Distant Future?


@timyowpa with the good eye tweets us:

“@DCStreetcar coming soon? Display boards on and testing.”

Who’s feeling 2015 will be the year for real?

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  • The big white “Coming Soon” tarp has also been removed from the signage at the 3rd and H stop.

    • Yes! they removed the white “coming soon” tarps up by 13th and 14th street as well. This gives me lots of hope!

  • Those signs have been testing for many months now.

  • I thought the signs were for the Metrobus? They’re found at many other bus stops in the city. Unless it’s for both?

  • I think that DDOT will try like hell to get a “symbolic” win (albiet a very small one), and get this open by the end of this year, but considering the additional problems revealed by DDOT ~last week in the Post, I don’t think that will happen either. It is looking like this thing is going to be a solid 6 years behind schedule.

    • Accountering

      Based on the WAMU article with the guy now in charge, I now have a bit more confidence. Sounds like there isn’t that much left to do to get it to pre-revenue service, which sounds like will only be several weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it open this fall.

  • I still think this is the dumbest idea and biggest waste of money ever but I’d love to be proven wrong.

    • I reluctantly agree with you, and I own a house within sight of a stop, so I have every reason to want this to succeed. There are a number of reasons I doubt it will be more than a carnival ride with freeloading, sketchy passengers.

    • It could’ve saved taxpayers $100 million if we just introduced an H Street Circulator bus. It may not have been as fancy or as spacious as a streetcar, but would’ve done the trick and saved us lots of headaches and money.

  • There was a story on NPR this morning about the street car and its status. There will be another tomorrow morning.
    Bottom line: there’s not even an actual target date, the new guy they brought in to manage it says “months.”

    • That’s actually promising. The new guy has no incentive to promise it early than he can actually deliver it, because he can still say he’s busy cleaning up the last administration’s mess. If he’s saying “months”, then it’s likely he’s pretty damned confident it really will be running in less than a year.

    • That was a good piece this morning. While I still think the streetcar was an ill-conceived waste of money, the new guy impressed me, sounding competent and driven, with no spin or efforts to sugar-coat past idiocies. I’m cautiously optimistic.

      • * Cautiously optimistic that it will open in the foreseeable future. Not that it will be worth the time and money.

  • This thing is a boondoggle. If it wasnt for the fact it would cost a TON of money to remove the rails and stops, I’d say tear it out and move on. Its going to be a huge pain in the ass. They didnt remove parking, nor put the rails on the inside lanes, so its constantly going to be hitting cars. It cant steer so any accidents, debris, emergency vehicles, and church goers will grind the whole street to a halt.

    Its a terrible idea and “economic development” is great and all, but that money was going to be spent in DC somehow anyway. It probably would have been on, or near, H St to begin with. Notice all the major streets that have been massively revitalized in DC in the last 10 years? None of that happened because H Street is “getting” a street car.

    What a joke.

    • ” Notice all the major streets that have been massively revitalized in DC in the last 10 years? None of that happened because H Street is “getting” a street car.”
      I strongly disagree with this. I personally know four different white professionals who bought in the H Street area over the last 5 years because “the Street Car will be built” and they knew development dollars would follow. Thus giving them strong equity gains on their home.
      The Street Car made H Street “safe” for white professionals with money. That’s the game.

      • That wasnt my point. My point was that H St would have changed any way because every other formerly crappy place in DC got better in the absence of a street car. Obviously, people bought there because of the street car. Thats not really debatable. The point is, it would have changed without the street car. Maybe it would have been later, or different, but it would still be really expensive to live there.

  • Sorry, but no. I don’t think we’re any closer than we were a few years ago. Those signs have been running for a while.

  • Not only am I confident this will open imminently, I think we’ll all be impressed with the performance and popularity. Given the windfall of optimism, the streetcar will rapidly be extended to Benning Rd. and out to Georgetown with dedicated right-of-way through K St.
    Plans for additional streetcar development all the way up Rhode Island Ave. and Georgia Ave. will be resuscitated and rapidly implemented. Even the Columbia Pike streetcar will have its day. These new streetcars will be given dedicated right-of-way on the center lanes, coupled with barriered bike lanes on the outer lanes, and free for use thanks to funding coming from tolls on all drivers on the remaining lanes.
    Just kidding. It’ll prob open to little fanfare in a year and then quietly close a few years later, never to be revisited as an option again.

    • I ALMOST didn’t make it to the end of your post and was freaking out. Thank goodness I kept going. 🙂

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