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  • Why sad? It’s just empty and run down now, collecting graffiti. Or is there something else going on there that’s not obvious?

    • It’s sad because they will tear it down and put in something that looks like all the other crap being built. Depleting the character that makes a city unique.

  • Oh, it’s not empty. They don’t appear to have regular hours but I’ve seen it open and busy with men playing chess/checkers on many occasions.

  • It will soon become a trendy small plate bar called Checkmate..

  • I love the guys that play there. Sad for you if you never got to go in there and hang out. The best of DC.

  • The Library of Congress hosted a talk about this club in 2011. You can watch it here: http://loc.gov/today/cyberlc/feature_wdesc.php?rec=5247

    “Ethnographic photographer Peggy Fleming spent three years photographing and interviewing the members of Washington’s Capital Pool Checkers Club. Her resulting study, “Crown Me!” (2010), documents more than an interesting recreational club: it highlights a special place in the urban landscape where a group of men come together to share their personal memories, recall the history of their beloved city and create community. Fleming is joined by Georgetown University historian Maurice Jackson and several club members for this talk and discussion.”

    • Solid information. Thanks for sharing. To a suburban transplant this is urban blight. To a developer it’s a pile of cash. To many, it is life, history social circle etc….

  • They are happy to play against any sucker who wants to lose money! Agree with above-good guys. They travel for tournaments and have a yearbook. Hope it stays just as it is..

  • The saddest part is that organized checkers was a safe haven for those who couldn’t handle the advanced strategy of chess. This place will be missed by the community. Hopefully the tic tac toe center isn’t next.

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