30 ‘Johns’ Arrested for solicitation of prostitution since July 14


From MPD:

“On July 14th, 2015, the Metropolitan Police Department began conducting prostitution enforcement in the area that encompasses 9th Street to 17th Street from L Street to N Street, Northwest. The operation has resulted in thirty arrests for solicitation of prostitution since the operation began. The arrests made were all males (“Johns”), and they were all charged with solicitation of prostitution. This is an ongoing operation that will continue to focus on the prostitution complaints in this area.”


“Over the past few weekends, members detailed to the Prostitution Enforcement Unit have conducted operations in the downtown areas of the 1000-1300 blocks of K Street, Northwest, in addition to several surrounding streets. As a result, there have been approximately thirty (30) arrests of individuals for Solicitation for Prostitution.

The current enforcement efforts were focused on the “customers” in reverse style operations. These arrests have made a noticeable difference to the community and the enforcement efforts will continue.”

Ed. Note: Last week we learned of 8 arrested on K Street.

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  • With gun violence on the increase — shootings in playgrounds, FFS — our police force is focusing on pandering and our mayor is all excited about cracking down on underage drinking.

  • This is a clear sign of how certain neighborhoods have more clout than others. It’s sad that they spend so many resources in this surrounding area, but yet when residents of Trinidad complain about prostitution on West Virginia ave etc- nothing is ever done.

  • Arresting the “johns” is all well and good, but what about the pimps?


  • They need to do a sting in northern Columbia Heights betweem 14th St & Georgia Ave and Spring Rd and Taylor St. It’s awful. I guess the area has been known to have prostituon issues in the past. There was a vacant house recently discovered where prostitites were being run out of…. Cops did little. DPW locked it up, but the Pimps moved to the alleys.

  • They’ve always been down around K street at night…

  • Most of the “Johns” I have seen around 12th street seem to have Maryland tags. Just be glad they are getting Maryland drivers off of our roads.

  • Would the girls be there without customers?

  • Between this and the Ashley Madison leaks, it’s been a rough week for sleaze balls in DC.

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