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“Scout taking it all in at Congressional Cemetery”


“This little lady has been nesting in a planter box on K Street NW for at least 3 days. Someone thought to bring her food and water. Hopefully there will be ducklings soon!”


U street”

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  • Kona is the cutest! I love her eyes. She really looks like the best dog ever. How did you find her?

    • Beautiful eyes! Check out my foster kittens with one blue & one brown eye.

      And please don’t feed bread to ducks. It is bad for them in a number of ways. From the Duck Rescue Network.

      “If you still insist on feeding ducks or other waterfowl, please do not feed them bread. Substitute cheerios, grapes cut in half, a thawed bag of frozen peas or corn, or kale, romaine or other leafy greens (not iceberg lettuce)”

      • THOSE KITTENS ARE AMAZING! Are they (and their mom) good with other cats? We have two boy cats at home, but my heart is melting…

    • Kona is totes fierce!

  • Whenever I see ducks nesting in such public spaces, it really makes me nervous and uncomfortable. People are crazy and often mean and I could see someone trying to harm her or her eggs/ducklings. Someone really should call DC Wildlife and have them come move her. Our office had a mother duck and ducklings on one of our balconies and they finally moved them for fear the ducklings would follow mother over the edge. Plus we have neighboring buildings with hawks that look out for just this kind of easy meal.

  • Poor duck – those tree planters make such terrible nests ! They nest for ~22 days so if she just started she’s going to be hot. ..

  • Great photos today! Scout looks so dignified. Last year there was a duck who nested in a tree box at 17th and Pennsylvania Ave. People also left out food and water for her, and the police put caution tape around the tree box so wouldn’t trample through it.

  • I want to kiss Scout’s snout.

  • Did someone leave the duck a tray of ranch dressing??

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