Women’s World Cup Starts June 6th – Besides June 12th in Dupont, Where Will You Watch?


A reader writes in: “The Women’s World Cup is June 6 – July 5. The first US game is June 8. Would love to find somewhere to cheer on the US Women’s National Team.”

Mark your calendars for June 12th in Dupont Circle:

“In Washington, DC Embassy of Sweden is venturing outside with program events in the beautiful Dupont Circle National Park. Swedish culture, sport, music and more will be showcased through exciting events.

June 12 – USA vs SWEDEN
FIFA Women’s World Cup Soccer Game (awaiting broadcast confirmation) Join us for festivities from 5 PM, program ahead of game kick-off 7:30 PM.”

Anyone know of other good spots to watch the tournament?

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  • CityCenter: Join us for the Women’s World Cup Watch Party! RSVP at ussoccerfoundation.org/watchparty #CityCenterDC #cheer4change

  • At the risk of sounding sexist (which I absolutely am NOT), I have to say that I doubt there will be much interest in this event. The women’s World Cup isnt exactly “must watch” material. Now, I WHOLLY support female athletes/athletics and actually really enjoy watching women’s tennis every now and then. Also, in my opinion, female athletes (especially student athletes) dont get nearly the amount of support that they deserve nationwide. That said, lets be honest here – more people will be watching a regular season Nats game.

    • Glad to say you’re wrong (hopefully you’re glad too…)
      The last game the US played in the women’s world cup in 2011 set the record for a soccer game on ESPN with a 7.4 and over 13 million households…beating the best ever men’s game at the time (USA vs Algeria from the men’s 2010 WC). Half the country is women and the number 1 sport that women to play is soccer. For casual entertainment like a professional league, yes men’s leagues dominate, but not when it’s the national team.
      The highest soccer game watched ever in the US…..the women’s final in 1999 with an 11.4 rating and 18 million households.

    • Do you think if you declare yourself not sexist immediately before making an insanely sexist (not to mention ignorant) comment it somehow makes it true? What an a-hole misogynist comment. And the fake concern (“it’s not me, it’s everyone else”) just makes it worse.

      • Just being honest, my apologies if it came off the wrong way. Fact is that women’s sports often aren’t quite as compelling to the vast majority of US sports fans. That’s probably more a result of our masculine driven culture, but still, facts are facts. I sincerely hope the women’s World Cup is watched by as many people as possible. Maybe then the national team can get the publicity and support they are fully entitled to. I’m genuinely excited for the games. I just hope they’ll be televised.

        • Twelve responses so far, and only one bar that might be showing the games. Looks like you are right about the level of interest. Glad to have TIVO.

          • Agreed, thanks for the support whovous. People have a tough time being honest about issues like this, for fear of being branded “sexist” or “misogynistic” (thanks treedc). Additionally, the viewership stats cited by Mintwood are also horribly inflated/exaggerated. Case and point, the most watched soccer game in US history was the USA men vs. Portugal in 2014 (18.2 million viewers on ESPN) (source: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/06/usa-portugal-was-most-watched-soccer-game-in-american-history). Facts are facts, whether we agree with them or not. The fact is that there just isnt much interest in women’s soccer, either here in the US or world wide.

          • 1. I said at the time it was the highest, if you want to compare across 3 decades (90’s vs 10’s, then let’s take it as a % of population….women’s game is still highest)
            2. It’s not huge brow beating when 18.2 million in 2014 for men beats out 18.0 million for women from 1999. Facts are facts, the link you cited had that data.
            3. “Just hope they’ll be televised”…you’re being a trolling donkey, every single match will be televised with 16 on Fox and the rest on Fox Sports.

            You really are a piece of work.

  • Looking forward to it – bummed I’ll be out of town for the event on the 12th at Dupont Circle!

  • Nellie’s Sports Bar at the corner of 9th and U, the crossroads of Shaw!

  • I’ve been meaning to swing by DC Reynolds and ask if those guys will show it. I’m really hoping to find somewhere in the hood to watch. The Pitch isn’t reopened yet, is it? Otherwise I may just find myself searching out a neighbor with a good cable package and paying them in beer….

    • Are they even showing it on national TV? I somehow doubt any local bars will have the obscure channel package necessary to show the games. I say a few of us chip in and upgrade our cable for a few weeks and host a few neighborhood watch parties.

      • Again, belittling and ignorant comments. The entire Cup will be on the Fox family. The US games will be on Fox Sports 1 or Fox. FS1 is in most basic sports cable packages, and is what the Big East (including Georgetown) is on.

  • Lol

    They’re showing matches in primetime on Fox

  • All the games will be showed at Fado’s Irish Pub in Chinatown.

  • I regularly watch women’s soccer at bars even when there is no World Cup going on (including the recent international friendlies and tournaments leading up to the cup). Meridian Pint, the Pitch, DC Reynolds, and Maddy’s Taproom downtown have all been great changing the channels and finding the games for me.

  • Apart from tennis and sometimes golf, women’s sports generally don’t seem to get the attention that the men get. I think the exception is actually the Women’s World Cup. I remember watching the 2011 games in some pretty enthusiastic bar settings, especially when USA was playing. (USA! USA!) For this year, Deadspin has been publishing detailed previews of the teams over the last few days. The matches will be broadcast on Fox and Fox Sports 1. I think the Women’s World Cup will be a big deal in bars, especially when team USA is playing. I know I’ll be watching!

  • Stephen Upton-
    In 2011 in the USWNT send off game at Red Bull Arena, the attendance was 5852. Last Sunday at the USWNT send off game at Red Bull Arena, there was a sell out crowd of 25,467. There will be way more interest than you think.

    • I highly doubt there were actually that many fans there. Just like how the Redskins supposedly “sell out” all their home games, yet the stadium looks half empty on TV. Look – Im not saying people dont care. In fact, I care! Ill be watching every game and rooting for our team like heck! Im just saying that attempts to frame the Women’s WC as being an event on par with the Men’s in terms of general interest, on field product, etc. are misleading. We are getting there for sure, just not quite yet. The more people like us discuss, promote, and watch the event – the better off itll be long term. Thanks everyone for a spirited discussion, I appreciate everyone’s viewpoints.

      • @ Stephen Upton – you’re making really offensive statements and trying to pass them off as “facts”. Please stop. A few responses to your comments.
        First, starting your original comment with “at the risk of sounding sexist which I absolutely am not”: making that kind of disclaimer does not excuse you to make a series of offensive, ignorant, and blatantly sexist statements. It sounds sexist because it IS sexist.
        Second, as has been demonstrated by other commenters, there is tremendous interest nationally and internationally in women’s soccer – see the stats quoted by Mintwood and JB. “Fact is that there just isn’t much interest in women’s soccer” is absolutely not true and not a fact – you are trying to pass your opinion off as a fact.
        And third, “Attempts to frame Women’s WC as being an event on par with the Men’s in terms of general interest, on field product, etc are misleading”. Have you ever watched a women’s soccer game? They are fantastic and absolutely as exciting – if not more exciting – than the men’s game. For example, if you have ever watched women’s soccer, then you would know that the “on field product” is often way better than men’s because there is way less faking/flopping in the women’s game (see this article for a study on that fact: http://jezebel.com/5820657/why-women-dont-fake-it-on-the-field)
        Bottom line – IMO, it’s clear from your comments that you really don’t know much about women’s soccer and, frankly, it sounds like you’re just trying to offend people. Let me try to use your phrasing to explain: At the risk of sounding mean (which I absolutely am NOT), attempts to frame yourself, Stephen Upton, as something other than a complete misogynist at heart are misleading. Please stop digging yourself into a hole, and please keep your poorly informed opinions to yourself.

        • What a shame that the anonymous (typical) Shaw Neighbor has to resort to name calling and labeling in attempt to prove a point. I apologize if I offended anyone on this thread. I was simply stating facts that are as concerning to me as they are to everyone else. Everyone has their own viewpoints and I respect what others have said in response to mine. Anyways, let’s get to the real point of this thread: GO TEAM USA!!!!

          PS I will most likely be viewing a DC Reynolds if anyone wants to meet up and watch the games/discuss this in a civil manner.

          • @ Stephen Upton: Buddy, I call it like I see it. You’ve posted your opinions here, and they are sexist and misinformed. I will never apologize for calling out ignorance or bigotry when I see it. These are the words and labels that the world uses to describe people like you. Since you’re clearly upset by it, I would recommend that you keep your opinions to yourself going forward.

  • Denizens Brewing Co. in Silver Spring is showing the games (at least all the USA games). I’m definitely going to catch a few there.

  • There will be large watch party at CityCenter DC: http://www.ussoccerfoundation.org/watchparty

  • I called and Molly Malones on 8th ST SE will be showing the game on Monday – but I may go to City Center instead. So PUMPED about the Women’s World Cup!!

    Wish I had the vacation and cash to go watch in Canada.

  • The US Soccer Foundation and Embassy of Australia are partnering with CityCenter DC to host a world cup watch party for June 8th match! Game starts at 7:30, come out and spread the news!!

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