Where Can You Get Shaved Ice Snow Balls in DC?

shaved ice
Photo by PoPville flickr user Blink Ofanaye

“Dear PoPville,

The heat in DC was so crazy last weekend and I found myself screaming for some snowballs! I tried to Google for any snowball stands in DC area and was able to find only one in Bethesda, MD. Rita’s Italian Ice is not the same….but an actual snowball stand is just the best. Do any of your readers know any snowball stands in DC? PLEASE let me know as soon as possible to be able to save me for the next heat wave! Thanks!”

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  • Try in front of the once Chic-ass now Chicas store up on 14th before Spring. They have a lady making delicious snowballs almost every day of the summer, and I’ve seen her out this season!

  • This may be of limited help, but I noticed last night that there’s a snowball/shaved ice stand at Nationals Park, on the main level over on the right field side.

    • Saw it too – thought about getting one, but it was too cold!

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I have def. seen it in years past at the Fairgrounds outside of Nats park as well, but not sure if it is always there (i.e., I think it might have been a food truck or stand or something).

  • In front of that storefront church on 14th at Newton, I think. Somewhere along that block, there’s often a little stand.

  • I’ve only seen one and it’s authentic. Go out on Riggs Rd and just before, or after, you get to the Hyattsville line, it’s there on the left. Plain as day with the colorful bottles and little umbrella. Across from the Safeway.

  • Funny – I prefer Rita’s Italian Ice.

  • Sometimes on hot days there is a cart outside/near Capitol Supermarket on 11 St serving shaved ice. This is hit or miss, at best, since it is not a physical business or have a regular schedule.

    I know you wanted a place in DC and lamented about a location in Bethesda, but SnowBots in Rockville is pretty great.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the same lady I’ve seen at the Shaw playground. Also on 11th, of course.

    • I think this nice lady works up and down 11th street, part of the time at the skate park (11/Rhode Island) part of the time in front of Capitol Supermarket (11/M).

      • That makes sense to me. I always want one when I see her, but I never carry cash. Maybe a good reason to start this summer.

  • There’s a lady who sells sno-cones, snow balls, whatever at the Shaw/Cardozo playground on warm evenings. Shaved ice with a bunch of syrups aimed at the soccer players.

  • Yea but Clayboys in Bethesda is delicious. He’s probably been there every summer for the last 15-20 years!

  • Bayou Bakery in Arlington has them and the one on the Hill is supposed to be getting a machine soon if it hasn’t arrived already.

  • There’s often a guy selling shaved ice on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan.

  • There’s generally a lady or two selling them outside of the church at Park and 16th on Sunday afternoons, sometimes Saturdays too.

  • Clayboy’s is the best – He used to sell shaved ice outside of my Elementary school in Somerset. It’s Hawaiian-style shaved ice so not sure if that is similar to your snow balls.

    There’s typically a cart in Bethesda in front of the Barnes and Noble. I think the guy is actually from Baltimore. but now has several carts (his son, Clay, runs one with a friend) as well as a pick-up truck tailgate unit so potentially is in a few places in the DMV over hot weekends. They will do events too.

  • At Nationals Park, two locations, try the root beer!

  • They have a stand in the zoo, along the main walk that’s been serving them forever.

  • I need to read titles more closely.

  • Is the OP from New Orleans because I have been fantasizing about one of these for YEARS! If Bayou in VA has one HOPING that the Hill location will as well. squeal…….Since he is from NOLA he will know what I want.

  • You from New Orleans? I haven’t had a good sno ball here.. Keep us updated if you find one

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