Walters Sports Bar Moving Forward

3632 Georgia Ave, NW

Liquor License placard posted at Walters (from owners of neighboring DC Reynolds and Looking Glass Lounge):

“Sports bar serving traditional fare such as cold sandwiches, soups, various cold spreads, and
cold platters. Kitchen space is limited with no hood ventilation system. Total Occupancy Load of 100. Total Occupancy Load of 80 inside premises. Summer Garden with seating for 20.”

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  • samanda_bynes

    tight, looking forward to a dedicated sports place.

  • Cold, cold and cold? No, thanks! I want hot food in a sports bar!

    • Agree. Why not expand the kitchen to offer a real sports bar experience?

      • Since you are all Restaurant Industry Guru’s, you understand there is very little kitchen space to work with and no real opportunity to expand the kitchen in that location.

        I know you all know this because you are so wise with your comments. They will definitely fail if they don’t do what you brilliant Restaurant Industry minds say.

        Stick to working on the Hill or at your non-profits or whatever it is that you do and let the people who have worked in the restaurant industry for years do what they do best.

    • I have zero direct restaurant experience, but how much space would be required for a small fryer and sandwich press? I can’t remember the last time I went to a bar and didn’t order fries (that’s in fact often the only thing I order), and some crusty, cheesy, melty, meaty concoction of a sandwich could easily replace the burger craves.

  • As someone who lived around the corner I can attest that one of the big problems was not having quality food. They will also fail if they don’t.

  • I don’t know. I kind of like the cold sandwich idea. Simple is good, especially at a sports bar. I love the simple ham/cheese/butter on brown bread you get overseas. I wonder what they’re going to do for sides. Chips, I suppose?

    • samanda_bynes

      cold food is no big – sandwich joints do perfectly fine. I was thinking the same thing (i.e overseas) regarding the selection.

  • Wouldn’t it be possible to just open the fence between Looking Glass and this new place and bring hot food from their kitchen? I understand that the Looking Glass kitchen would have a pretty heavy burden, but cold sandwiches with hot fries or hot onion rings seems like a big step up from just cold sandwiches and wouldn’t require much more work.

    I’m sure there are some politics involved with their being two owners and all, but I think it would be cool if they just knocked down the whole fence in between altogether. That being said, I wouldn’t want the curse that has been put on this place to be able to easily spread to Looking Glass.

    • With separate liquor licenses, I would think they can’t have customers roaming freely between the bars. Would they have to have an extra security guy there? Or the server would have to carry a key to unlock/re-lock the gate every time they came through (carrying a tray of food)?

      • If it’s only accessible from the interior, and licenses are the same class, I don’t see any reason why you can’t float between them. Maybe even if the licenses aren’t the same. If I’m wrong, please tell me so.

  • I agree with all of the other commenters. A sports bar is almost as much about the food as it is the sports. If you can’t have a real kitchen, open up a deli in this space. The neighborhood has been begging for a high quality deli for soup and sandwiches. Highly recommend building out the kitchen if you want to be a successful sports bar.

  • west_egg

    I missed the “L” in “Walters” and briefly wondered what the permitting process was like for such a place.

  • “I need fries”
    “I need artisanal grilled cheeses”
    “I need a burger because I can’t find anywhere else to order on”

    Seriously, guys, it’s a freaking sports bar. Give me a decent deli sandwich, some chips, a pickle and some football (either form) on TV and I’m good. You guys don’t know anything about restaurants, nothing. Truly, there is no way to do a kitchen there. I remember in the blue banana days the owner showing me around the basement. It’s barely tall enough to stand in, let alone put a vent hood in (legally required for a grill and/or fryer for you non-know-it-alls out there).

    • Yes, and every sports bar I’ve ever heard of in this area has hot food. Don’t bill it as traditional fare when it’s not. Even a panini press would be a step in the right direction without the need for a hood. I’m willing to accept the costs are more than the owners care to bear, but that doesn’t make the cold players any more “traditional”.

      • Yes, and every other sports bar I know of in this area also regularly preempts major sporting events for comedy night. I’m with Pastrami.

        • You don’t go to a sports bar to get a deli sandwich or soup. ha. Wings, nachos, burgers etc. Seriously, find me one sports pub in DC (or anywhere!) that serves cole cut sandwiches and cold spreads. People are picking about sports bars and will easily go elsewhere for better food options.

  • It will always be the Wooden Banana to me.

  • The description of their food/kitchen is definitely written in ABRA lingo. I’m sure there are going to be some decent food options when these guys get up and running.

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