“Traffic Pattern Makes NO Sense”


“Dear PoPville,

Any insight into the new traffic pattern on D Street NW heading towards the 395 tunnel? I’m attaching a picture here. Basically, people can park in the only driving lane heading west, making cars use the oncoming eastbound traffic’s lane. So bizarre.”

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  • Mug of Glop

    That looks crazy, but certainly not unprecedented. You say “new” traffic pattern. Did they move the curb out (narrowing the street)? Or did they simply paint the line too far over?

  • The No Parking signs fell off the meters. They re-striped the road due to the big construction project at Mass and 395 and duct-taped no parking signs to the meters. Clearly they didn’t last.

    • Duct tape! That seems just as permanent as the new lanes they painted onto the street. Nothing could possibly have gone wrong.

      They need to borrow a bunch of those parking meter hoods that the secret service seems to have an endless supply of. I swear, when they need to secure a street from parked vehicles they seem to be able to take those up and down in the blink of an eye.

    • Now they know what we go through with those stupid No Parking signs you get when you move. Looks like people ignore these as much as those.

  • DDOT certainly seems to march to the beat of their own drum sometimes. I don’t know how closely local road designs and traffic patterns have to follow federal guidelines, but there are so many examples that fly in the face of reason in the District. Like traffic lanes that are half the width of a car, completely illogical placement of traffic signals and turn lanes, etc., etc.

    • And still, to change any of these illogical traffic plans, they have to spend 5 years “studying” it.

    • justinbc

      It’s not a highway or interstate, so I doubt there are many federal regulations that would be violated. This is why state transportation boards exist.

  • That’s a permanent “No-Parking” zone now, and the meters and signs are on their way out. The people parked there are parked illegally.

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