Town Patio’s “4000 square foot outdoor space” open six days a week

Photos courtesy Town Danceboutique

“Town Danceboutique, Shaw’s iconic Gay super-club, at the corner of 8th and U, has opened a brand new stunning outdoor Patio this year. The expansive 4000 square foot outdoor space is a remarkably unique, comfortable, and an amazingly appointed outdoor full service bar serving drinks six days a week (closed Mondays). There are multiple draft beer selections, a fully stocked bar, (and, at times, an on premise food truck with it’s service window right on the Patio.) The Patio is open during the week (Tuesday-Thursday) at 6pm for happy hour and evening drinks, at 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays for daytime fun in the sun, and of course, the Patio is open on Friday and Saturday nights to create an even more dynamic, multi-faceted experience at Town. Tuesdays are Yappy Hour – a special event for guests that want to bring their dogs and enjoy the happy hour specials.

The Patio’s extensive landscaping, misting system, and bar design provides relief on hotter days…and multiple heating units make it comfortable on cooler spring and fall nights. In addition to landscaping that includes Crepe Myrtle and Japanese Elm trees, the Patio was designed using re-purposed, 100 year old barn wood from the midwest and 100 year old ceiling beams that were salvaged from the newly renovated Chocolate Factory downtown.

In a city that loves it’s outdoor bar spaces, the Town Patio is a special place with a unique design, an easygoing staff, and a perfect location.”

From the photos it looks like it’s already become a moderately popular spot…





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  • Love the “reminder” sign that it is gay owned/gay operated for the community. I especially hate the summer months when privileged drunk interns from around the country descend on DC and have no clue what they’re doing. I was in line for Nellies the other week and 3 drunk frat guys in front of me soon discovered, “aw man, this is a FAG BAR!!!” …. Anyway, the new patio is great. Can’t justify paying Town-priced cover for it on Friday/Saturday nights though.

    • Exactly. I think this is to remind the summer crowd (i.e. interns and new employees moving to DC from elsewhere) that it’s an LBGT venue…..and if they got a problem with that, they should move along.

    • Stop it Kyle.

  • This may be an ignorant question but is “the community” a reference to the gay community or the DC community? I’m a progressive but straight local and I find the sign a bit confusing. Community is my thing, but I can’t tell if I’m being invited or politely lumped in with the frat holes.

    • I think they are implying that homophobes should move along.

    • As a gay man who has already spent his share of time on this patio (and previously read the sign enough times), I actually got caught up in the “community” part when reading this post, too. It could be clearer – so as not meant to mean only “gay community” – but I think the intent is the broader community (i.e., everyone, including you, who understands this is a gay bar and has no problem with that). Being welcoming is much better. 🙂

      • Agreed. I think the sign might be unnecessarily bitchy and a little off-putting. More bees with honey…

      • I interpreted the sign as meaning LGBT community and those that support them. Despite being a straight cis male, I also consider myself as part of the “community” of LGBT supporters – I go to Pride, donate to HRC, enjoy a night out at a gay club (the best music, fyi), and support my LGBT friends and family.
        There’s room for all tolerant folks on a 4000 square foot patio!

    • I’m a hetero woman and always had a nice time at Town. However, if a hetero man were to hang out there, I suspect he would have to be comfortable with the possibility (probability) of advances from other men. So it’s a useful bit of orientation, I think.

      • If they’re cute! I always find it funny when my straight male friends fret that they’ll get hit on at gay clubs. I often find myself saying “If you don’t get hit on by girls already, don’t fear getting hit on by gay guys!”

      • As a DC homogay, let me assure all the straight men out there, you’re very unlikely to get hit on unless you are Chris Pratt’s twin. Even then, DC gays aren’t really all that forward. Straight men who are uncomfortable getting into staring contests with gay men should skip the patio, however.

  • Don’t go on a Sunday if you can’t handle a crowd. 3 bartenders and about 7,000,000 people.

    But it is a nice space and the Yappy Hour is a great addition.

  • “Remarkably unique”….ugh. Really? “Unique” means “one of a kind,” people. Something can’t be “remarkably one of a kind.” Just sayin’.

    • Ha ha! Agreed! That reminds me of a real estate agent who showed me a place once and kept saying it was “very pristine.”

    • Remarkably unique for DC.. without it being a roof top (DC9, Nellie’s, Masa, etc.) or a wrought iron fenced in area with picnic tabled (Dacha), what other space is like this in DC? Unique to the the world? No. Unique to DC? Yes. Just sayin’.

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