Today’s Rental is a 2 bed/2.5 bath on U Street for $3400

1711 U Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1711 U Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Wonderful upper level of 2 unit end townhouse on U Street. Living room with fireplace, renovated kitchen with washer/dryer and 1/2 bath on carpeted 1st floor. Large master bedroom with wood floor and carpeted 2nd bedroom on upper level – both with full baths. Includes 1 surface parking space in rear. Available August 1st. Be close to everything U Street has to offer. No pets and no smoking.”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $3,400/Mo.

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  • Too small for a family, too expensive for roommates.

    • I’ve seen a lot of roommate shares for 1500+ mostly in that area, DuPont, Georgetown. Who are these ppl paying 2k to share a place?

      • the same people moving to DC taking on entry-level / non-profit jobs…enjoying city amenities sure is tough without parents’ cash.

      • I have a few friends who pay this to share a two-bedroom. Young professionals who like having roommates and want to have enough space to entertain.

      • D.C. is a strange mix of “poor” young professionals with deep parent pockets and young professionals on law/MBA degrees making 6 figures. I’m not surprised that people can afford it.

        If people are paying 2.2k+ for 1 bedrooms why not pay a little less and get more with a roommate?

        • I know plenty who CAN afford it, but I just don’t see the reason why. I’d prefer my own space over a bigger living room at virtually the same price point.

          • If one (or both) of you travel a lot, or if you’re just friends who enjoy each other’s company. Or if you’re a couple who each wants a bit of your own space. Some people just don’t prefer to live alone.

          • All valid reasons. Maybe my issue really is paying that much in rent seems insane to me; even though, I know plenty of people have reasons not to buy.

          • I’m with you. Just buy a friggin’ condo (studio or 1BR) if you’re going to drop this much coin and live with a roommate. There’s nothing special about this place. This is a dumb price.
            The only way it’s not a dumb price is if you’re a diplomat and Big Gov is paying the rent. My friends in the Foreign Service always have the nicest places.

          • Maybe you aren’t sure you’re going to stay in DC. Maybe you aren’t sure the guy you’re moving in with is “the one” and don’t want to entangle real estate transactions with a potential breakup. Maybe you just don’t want the responsibility of owning.

          • Not everyone has the $ for a down payment.

          • Yes textdoc one of those reasons not to buy; although, it’s really not that hard to get down payment assistance even at 6 figs for first timers. They just did a piece on it in the express.
            I find buying home comes before marriage with lots of people. Blows my mind ch gal! But like I said there are reasons not to buy. I just don’t appreciate them.

          • I read the Express piece too, but I didn’t get the impression that down payment assistance was necessarily easy to get. The guy in the piece works for a credit union.

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