Today’s Rental is a 1 bed/1 bath in Kalorama for $1850

2310 Ashmead Place Northwest

Today’s rental is located at 2310 Ashmead Place, Northwest. The listing says:

“Bright 1-BR in smaller boutique building w/38 units. Walk Score 92 – short distance to Dupont & Woodley Park Metros, and steps to nightlife in Adams-Morgan, Dupont, U-Street. Wood floors, sleek redone bath, updated kitchen. Extra storage, secured laundry room. $300 move-in fee, pets on case-by-case basis. Unit is on a “raised” 1st floor, not at ground level.”


You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,850/Mo.

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  • The unit looks very dated but is priced attractively for that area.

    • Dated? Pal, i don’t think you’ve looked at a lot of places. The appliances, etc. are will within the current “generation”.

  • Wasn’t there an incredibly depressing unit by the cathedral yesterday for just $50 less than this? (Suffice to say, that one was way overpriced.)
    Looks like a good deal. Cabinets are a little 90s but good location, lots of light, and new-looking appliances are great for the price.

    • Agreed. All the ones we see on here from by the Cathedral or in Glover Park seem WAY overpriced to me. This is a bit small, but seems laid out well. I think this is a great deal for the price and location.

  • That’s pretty reasonably priced.

  • Is charging a move-in fee legal in DC?

    • Yep. It’s pretty common, especially with condos.

    • Move in fees are fairly common in my experience. In some cases, they are mandated in condo bylaws for both renters and owners, so I’d assume they are legal, but have never looked into the legality myself.

      • Our property manager suggested it, so I hope (and believe) it’s legal. It should go toward any damage in the common space, but I’ve seen some really high fees.

      • Highway robbery.

      • Condos charge them often – and owners pass them on to their renters rather than pay them themselves.

        Sometimes there is a deposit check written – in addition to the move-in fee – that is supposed to cover damage. If the move doesn’t cause any damage, this is returned – often in the form of giving you back your unwashed check.

        For you to charge a damage deposit and keep it in the absence of damage, or to charge your renters a move-in fee that isn’t charged by the condo – basically for your profit – is likely illegal.

        • *uncashed* check – that was supposed to read.

        • Why wouldn’t a condo owner pass along a move-in fee to the renter(s), especially given that many apartment buildings are now charging move-in fees too?
          That said — my building had a $50 move-in fee. I’ve heard of fees of $200-$300, and that seems crazy.

          • Ours is $75, move-in only. Given that its state purpose is maintenance of the common areas (which, yes, are likely to be slightly damaged by all but the most careful of movers), that seems reasonable. We’ve been able to use move-in fees for touch-up painting and the like.
            However, I know someone in a building with a very high one. $250, both for move-ins AND outs, if I remember correctly. She said that partially covers logistics and some goodies (she lives in a big building, so you get an elevator with padding and a loading dock permit), but mostly to deter people from renting their places out. At $500 to get a tenant out and a new one in, I can see how that would have such an effect.

    • Also, should probably respond to the *actual* question. Non-refundable move-in fees are legal and not regulated in DC. Refundable deposits cannot exceed one month’s rent, and cannot be charged more than once (in other words, if you raise the rent during a continuous tenancy (someone stays longer than the initial lease term), you cannot make them increase the deposit).
      I’m of two minds on this. I’m usually perfectly fine with limiting the deposit to one month’s rent, except for, possibly, pets. I’m fine with pets in my rentals because they have all hard floors and the damage is, thusly, most likely limited in scope if you meet the pet and get some sense of it having a modicum of training. For those with carpeting in their units, however, repair costs could go through the roof with just an unfortunate accident (my dog once destroyed an area rug when he got sick in the middle of the day – tummy bug, he was fine after some fluids and antibiotics). In those cases, it would be nice if landlords had the option of an additional deposit rather than a non-refundable fee. I think more landlords would consider pets if they weren’t gambling on carpet damage, and tenants would likely be better off if they are responsible pet owners and have the chance to recoup that money.
      Additionally, charging a slightly higher deposit (maybe 1.5-2 months’ rent) would also give me a better option than requesting a co-signer when I have earnest but young tenants who don’t have well-established credit. I currently have a set of tenants who are fantastic, but had to beg a relative to co-sign for their first year because they were fresh out of school and just didn’t have credit to speak of. They’ve taken great care of the place and can stay as long as they like (and I removed the co-signer on renewal, as I promised I would if they paid all the rent on time, received no merited complaints from anyone, and there was no damage to the unit), but I couldn’t risk it upfront with just one month’s rent in the tank. They’ve told me it would have been easier to borrow a little money for a higher deposit from the relative who cosigned than it was to get them to cosign…my family would have behaved similarly (I was lucky to have been working for a year professionally before getting a job here, so I had some employment, credit, and savings to show and sign on my own merit).

      • I’m kind of confused as to why you would want a higher security deposit for applicants with little to no established credit when you can only use security deposit for physical damage to units. Sure, you can sue over it and eventually keep the security deposit, but you can’t “keep” the deposit over missed rent initially.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Love it! So many windows!

  • Nice 1BR and very reasonably priced I’d say.

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