Timber Pizza Co. coming to Petworth!

left to right – Timber Pizza Co. owners Chris Brady and Andrew Dana – with local developers Brie Husted,  Lynn Yaudes, and Norm Veenstra

Back in March we learned (Another) Something Good’s Gonna Come to the 800 block of Upshur Street. And that something good is gonna be Timber Pizza Co.!

“The Timber guys serve authentic wood fired pizza using only the freshest local ingredients and incorporating new twists on traditional favorites. They can be found anywhere from local farmers markets to wineries/breweries and are available to cater your next private event.”

This will be their first brick and mortar location. If all goes well they hope to open January 1st. And when they do they’ll also be open for lunch. Another great addition to Upshur Street.


809 Upshur Street, NW

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  • Fantastic. It’s hard to even picture what Upshur will look like this time next year.

  • Great news!

  • I haven’t tried their pizza before, but soooo happy to think about having a pizza joint a few blocks away – yay!

  • Awesome! I had their pizza at Hellbender Brewery. It’s great! Throw in some good appetizer offerings and some decent beers and I’ll be there all the freaking time. Finally a replacement for Moroni & Bros! And it’s better!

    • That is funny. I wish we had some stickers with a clever take on the DCrising campaign that said that

  • Oh man, I missed the lunch option. That would be much welcomed. Does that mean sandwiches as well? So pumped.

  • I’ve had their za before at the Columbia Heights Farmers Market and it is nothing less than exceptional. Upshur is tuning into the new 11th Street. When’s this development coming to Kennedy Street?

  • Aww man! I am happy that these guys have found a spot because their pizza is delicious, but we folks up on Kennedy were really hoping they’d be up this way!

  • exactly what I wanted–something Italian. so excited!

  • So exciting!! These guys make the best pizza (seriously fantastic crust)! So happy that they are getting their own permanent location. Great addition to the neighborhood!

  • Congrats, Timber Pizza and Petworth! FYI, it’s Chris Brady then Andrew Dana, not the other way around.

  • This is such great news – we will be there all the time, especially for lunch (and hopefully they’ll do take out too). Really excited about all the additions coming to Upshur St!

  • Wow! I’m loving all of this great news for upshur! So now on deck we have a diner, coffee+pasties at the bookstore, bar, pizza place, and the burger cottage. Now just waiting on an announcement for an ice cream shop.

    • What’s the burger cottage?

    • What’s this burger cottage you’re referring to? I missed that…

      • From the owners of El Chucho…. But it’s way down by the Old Soldiers Home. Same people are also opening an Italian concept on upper 14th St across from Red Derby. Pumped for both!

  • Yum! Go Upshur St!

  • I live within walking distance of here and I’m so excited to have yummy pizza on the way. I do however hope that in addition to their locally sourced options that they include reasonable prices and pizza by the slice so that everyone in the area can benefit from this addition. I grew up in a quaint town in NJ where we could walk to the local pizzeria and buy a slice and can of coke for cheap after school. Not jumbo slice, just a regular slice of pizza. I think it would be great for kids at the local schools to have a similar option (that’s not Wendy’s). Good luck Timber. Thank you for investing in our neighborhood!

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