This Sucks – Adams Morgan Day Cancelled This Year

Happier times

One of the oldest neighborhood festivals is not happening this year. WAMU reports:

“Beset by a crisis of leadership, tens of thousands of dollars worth of unpaid bills to the city and a possible federal investigation into financial irregularities linked to a former D.C. Council candidate, the organization that sponsors the festival — Adams Morgan Main Street — recently concluded that it wouldn’t be able to put on the festival in 2015.”

You can read the whole sordid tale here.

There’s been a lot of ups and downs with the day in recent years but this is very sad news. Hopefully they make it back in full force for 2016.

adams morgan day canceled

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  • I liked it when it was held at Kalorama Park. It was a block party that exploded.

  • H Street Fest > AdMo Day

  • The WAMU article states that the business owners feel that Adams Morgan is struggling for relevance as nearby neighborhoods like U Street replace its relevance. I live in the neighborhood, and to me it seems as if it’s transforming, not declining.

    18th Street is still a destination for a number of people on Friday and Saturday night and there lots of new development happening in the neighborhood. Hopefully, relaxing of the liquor license moratorium on restaurants will keep the neighborhood vibrant, just with a different vibe than in the last decade.

    Hopefully the organization that sponsors the street festival can get its act together!

    • I completely agree. Living in the area, I really like the direction the neighborhood is moving towards.

      • I agree
        I do not live in the neighborhood but with the recent changes ive seen i would now consider it if i were moving soon

      • Me too. Most of the new businesses appeal to an older demographic (30s and up). The kids aren’t paying $15 for a nice cocktail, so they’re leaving for other parts of the city.

      • Agree as well. The food options are really improving (donburi, Sakuramen, Pops–though overpriced, Mintwood to name a few). I’m curious if any new restaurants open in those two new condo buildings as well. Once that hotel is finished that’s probably going to spur even more places opening nearby.

    • 18th street is still vibrant, but you have to admit it’s stale and has the feel of a boardwalk. No one over the age of 25 enjoys walking down that drunken, rowdy mess on a Saturday night, or enjoys that nasty d-grade pizza that so many places sell. The dining options, although numerous, are generally overpriced and meh (See e.g Mezze). It’s just a weird mix of frat and faux-bohemian that doesn’t work.

      • Disagreed. The street is still awesome, even on Friday and Saturday night.

      • Maybe you should try visiting during the day sometime, or on any other night of the week. 18th street is booming, and not with places catering to the frat demographic. Highest concentration of sidewalk cafes in DC now, and it seems to be attracting primarily the 30+ demographic. Lots of great food options have opened recently (see Sakuramen, Donburi, Songbyrd), and there are a ton of chill adult-oriented places to get a drink whether you like upscale or divey. I live right off the strip and love it–even Friday and Saturday nights seem to be calming down. We rarely even have noise problems.

    • +1. It’s definitely become more upscale in the time I’ve lived in the area, and I think that’s mostly a good thing. We need neighborhoods that fall somewhere between Georgetown and H Street/Adams Morgan of 2005.

  • hispanicandproud

    Boo. This was one of my favorite events when I lived in DC. At least I won’t be sad to have missed it this year. FOMO avoided.

  • This is the best street festival in DC hands down. Too bad it won’t be held this year. Hopefully they’ll get it together for next year.

  • As someone who clearly recalls the urban renewal chicanery of federal and local government and business folks of years ago, it does not look as if much progress has been made. Anyone interested in some of those old but true tales, let me know.;

  • Wait, Adams Morgan has a Business Improvement District (BID) that collects an additional tax from the business property owners. Why can’t the BID sponsor and coordinate the event?

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