This Saturday give “community input for redeveloping the District-owned Parcel 42” in Shaw


From the Mayor’s Office:

This Saturday, The Deputy Mayor’s Office for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) will host an “OurRFP Public Workshop” to get community input for redeveloping the District-owned Parcel 42, located at the intersection of R St and 7th St NW in Ward 6.

Our RFP is a first of its kind community-based request for proposals (RFP) initiative launched by Mayor Bowser in March to engage residents on future neighborhood development. The goal is to establish a process that is transparent to residents and holds the District accountable for building a project that reflects the interests of the community. Parcel 42 is the first location for this unique pilot program.

To RSVP for DMPED’s Our RFP Public Workshop, please visit HERE.

WHO:             Brian Kenner, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development

WHEN:          Saturday, June 13, 10:00 a.m.

WHERE:       Howard Theater – 620 T St NW”


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  • I thought this had been decided and that a hotel with retail on the groundfloor was coming?

    • I thought it was concentrated affordable housing. Wasn’t there a post on PoPville in recent weeks and everyone griped about it because it was, like, 100 percent low-income housing? Maybe that wasn’t the infamous Parcel 42. But I actually got this in an email and assumed they were going to pitch that plan.

      • That’s the one across the street. They already have a sign up.

        • Oh, right, with plywood walls and such. Duh, that makes more sense. I actually haven’t taken a closer look because I’m never on that corner of the intersection even though I walk by on Rhode Island every day. Thanks

  • An expensive rental building with a boring design would be perfect!

  • I actually think this is a really bad idea. In my experience, the people who show up to community meetings aren’t usually representative of the community as a whole. The crowd usually trends older, most are homeowners, and a disproportionate number seem to be opposed to ANY development – either because they are afraid of change, noise, or higher taxes. If the city is going to be listening primarily to those people, we’re in big trouble.

  • I think the community wants a Subway.

  • Should be low income housing with a WALGREENS on the ground floor

  • It doesn’t matter what the people say they want, the DC council will do whatever they want to do. Look at McMillian Park – The community is overwhelmingly against the current plans. They don’t like the proposed buildings and they don’t want to subsidize the developers. But the city doesn’t care – they just authorized 69 million to demolish the underground caverns before the land is sold to the developers – at a substantial cost to the taxpayers. It’s about money and power.

    • Accountering

      This is simply false. I am very much in favor of redeveloping McMillan, and I would say the majority of DC agrees.

      • I think the beef that many people have is with the particular developer/development plan that was chosen (rather than the idea of developing it vs. leaving it as-is).

      • Every single metric shows overwhelming opposition to the current plans the city has developed. Look at the city records for the Surplus hearing, Zoning, Historic Preservation Review Board, the ANC study, the Washington City Paper poll, and the 7500 people who have signed the petition against this development, every metric that you can count shows overwhelming opposition to the current plan. Every metric except the city council and the developers that is…

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