“This jerk…”

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“This jerk…. We live at the Flats 130, and this lady drove to the end of the sectioned off bike lane, and backed up all the way in the middle to run into this building. It’s ridiculous, she could have pulled into the Harris Teeter parking lot. I was just shocked and wanted to share. Maryland license plate of course.”


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  • accendo

    The Maryland plate removes any and all elements of shock.

  • No matter the license plate this is not shocking. Using bike lanes for “short term” parking is the norm in this city, even, rage-inducingly when there is a perfectly empty large parking space immediately to the right of the car.

  • A Maryland driver almost ran me over in a crosswalk in the same area this morning! 😀 That’s almost a daily occurrence, though.

  • DC1

    see! removing the parallel parking from the MD driving test has paid off! 🙂

  • Awful. MDers should get a visa to enter DC.

  • Honest mistake? There appears to be a parkmobile zone sign right there, and possibly other parking signs 20′ behind.

    • maxwell smart

      Yeah – having not been in this area of M Street I can’t tell… the lane striping would lead one to believe there is curb parking – then the bike lane – then the rest of the road. I have to say though, the entire implementation of this bike lane was terrible – from the church winning right of way, the protracted construction that lead to biker and driver confusion, terrible signage, no road repaving which has left portions of the bike lane unusable… I could go on.

    • There are dividers and no other cars parked there! The driver either had to drive through the dividers or knock one down when driving into that spot since it looks like the car is wider than the single lane. It’s a mistake if he’s an idiot.

    • There’s also, you know, yellow stripes to divide the lanes for bikes and a huge picture of a bicyclist under her car that she would’ve stepped on.

      Plus she had to REVERSE into that because of the plastic things blocking her from parking there. So she seriously thought this was a new kind of parking where you have to stop in the middle of the street and reverse into the middle of the block? What happens if another car comes?

    • Brandy

      Yes, there are still Park Mobile signs still up when you used to be able to park on the street. But some one with any sort of common sense could tell that they are no longer parking spaces. She knew what she was doing. I watched her back up all the way from the beginning of the metro branch trail entrance on M Street to the middle of the bike lane. You cannot get into the small space, clearly marked as a bike lane with large dividing poles the entire length of the lane unless you back up from an exit/entrance into a building’s parking lot or the metro branch trail. This was a case of this woman being a jerk and instead of parking in the Harris Teeter parking lot for the 8 minutes she was in our building (which would have been much easier on her part…unless she was just trying to show off her driving in reverse skills), she opted to block the bike lane.

  • If we learned anything today I hope you didn’t confront them about it.

    • I once tried to politely ask someone idling in that cycletrack to move. She started shouting at me to mind my own business, and that she was only waiting to pick someone up. I was very impressed with myself for not raising my voice, considering she spent a good 90 seconds shouting insults and nonsensical explanations. I just walked away and called 311.

  • Or, you know, we could have put the bike lane on L street and retained a bit of parking space in front of a massive residential building.

    • accendo

      L St between 1st and 2nd NE will be torn up for Storey Park in the not too distant future and M Connects to Metro and the MBT via existing, bike-accessible ramp.

    • Brandy

      Though this irritates me to the extreme being a biker in the city and this being right in front of my building, I do agree that it was harsh at first when they took away the parking across the street. Many of my friends and family would park in those spots, BUT now that we just park on a different street or behind the building, there is no excuse for this. The parking on the street made it clogged and congested. The bike lane is a welcome relief, except when people do this.

  • I saw this exact situation on the L Street cycle track this morning. There again, they had driven into the bike lane and backed up to a ‘convenient’ spot. It’s so frustrating. I don’t drive in the city on a regular basis, but I do drive sometimes and I know how frustrating finding parking can be, but this is not an acceptable solution.

  • OK, can someone educate me here? What’s going on with that bike lane in the picture? There seem to be two lanes at the left of the above picture, but only one on the right side. Is it a two-way bike lane, or just one way? In either case, why does it suddenly become half as wide in the middle of the block?

    • The bike lanes merge into one in front of 131 M Street NE to allow a bit of space for cars to drop people off and the shuttles to stop for the folks in the office building.

  • Call 311! Tell them a car is parked illegally in a cycle track, and it’s causing a dangerous situation where bikes are forced out into vehicular traffic. I called a couple times when the same delivery trucked parked over and over in the same spot near my office on L street. That truck doesn’t park there anymore.

  • Download an app called TowIt. It lets you report parking violations in real time.

    • thanks for the advice I’m pysched this exists. The thing that gets me the most in the city is the double parking. People double park rush hour turning two lanes in to one. Often times they park in front of an open spot they don’t feel like parallel parking in. Why is this so accepted by the city? It’s also very dangerous. If DC wanted to make back some of that money they thought they were going to make on the speed cameras this year have the parking people walk around and ticket all these idiots ruining driving for everyone else.

      • This ^

        I will, and have, gotten out of my car to tell someone to pull into the space 50 feet away.

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