“There should be a crosswalk at the intersection of Holmead & Park (to cross Park Road) by the Giant” Please Sign This Petition

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Thanks to all who emailed and tweeted the petition:

“Dear Councilmember Nadeau,

We are residents of Columbia Heights and the surrounding neighborhoods, including many parents of small children. Please help advocate for a crosswalk at the intersection of Holmead Place and Park Road. This is a major pedestrian thoroughfare connecting a dense residential area to the shopping, transportation, and recreation (including kids’ splash park) at the Columbia Heights plaza/metro area. The closest crosswalk to cross Park Road is a 3-minute walk in either direction (to 13th St. or 14th St.) As a result, it is common to count 10-20 people, including small children, jaywalking this intersection every minute! (So common, in fact, that Google maps’ image of that intersection, attached, actually shows a jaywalker in action!) This is very dangerous with all the turning cars, especially from the adjacent Giant parking lot entrance, and the Giant’s many delivery trucks — yet it’s not practical to expect people to walk so far out of their way to reach the nearest crosswalk. In sum, this is a very busy intersection in desperate need of a crosswalk. We hope you can help and thank you for your service!

Your neighbors and constituents”

You can sign it here.

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  • I don’t understand why walking 1-2 to blocks to cross the street is such a big deal. After looking at the location in question on google maps the distance to 14th street is about 0.1 miles a short walk and the street seems to have sidewalks on both sides…what am I missing?

    • dcdon

      because a crosswalk there makes sense and seems logical for us in the neighborhood. With the traffic around the Giant and cars trying to avoid the mess on 14th, Holmead and Park can be a mess.
      As an aside, it would be great if Holmead was a one way street. So many cars turn off 14th at Spring to avoid 14th street. and speed up to Park,

      • again I still fail to see why pedestrians can’t just walk a block to 14th street and cross park street there…I live near an area with a similar situation and I just walk down to the next block where there is a crosswalk and it takes all of like two minutes…

        • If people are crossing there illegally it’s probably easier to throw up some signs, paint a crosswalk, and at least formalize what they are already doing. While this isn’t necessarily the best way to encourage good pedestrian behavior, if people are crossing here it’s a pretty decent sign that something should be done.

      • I never have problems jaywalking around the Giant.

  • I’m pretty sure according to DC law, any intersection is a legal crosswalk, whether marked or not. I’m totally with you that it would be nice to have it marked, but let’s not call them “jaywalkers”


    • +1. Unfortunately it sounds as though area drivers — who aren’t exactly famous for yielding to pedestrians in marked crosswalks — are treating the peds here as though they were jaywalking.

  • “It’s not practical to expect people to walk so far out of their way to the nearest crosswalk.”
    Uh, that’s 3 mins away. I’m just not seeing the issue.

    • I completely agree…why do people need to cross so soon? the post says that the people doing the jaywalking are trying to get to the metro area so why not just keep walking on the side of the street they are on and just cross at 14 or 13? if it is such a burden to walk to the end of a block everyone could argue for intersections in the middle of streets so they don’t have to walk to the end of the block to get to one of the businesses in the middle of the block

    • You both must be trolling. Either that, or you aren’t familiar with the intersection in question and can’t seem to resist commenting anyway. What rational person sees their destination 25 feet away, and decides instead to walk a quarter mile around to it? If I’m coming down Holmead to the dry cleaner, or Sticky Fingers, you think I should increase my walk by a factor of about 8 to avoid “jaywalking”? Please.

    • Using the OP’s logic, they should put zig-zagging mid-block crosswalks all over H Street NE. I feel like some of those clowns treat crosswalks like they’re made of Kryptonite.

  • That entire block feels like Final Destination every day. There’s a pretty busy pedestrian path crossing at/near Holmead and I’m all for anything that slows the traffic at that intersection. I’ve crossed there myself to get to the dry cleaners and Sticky Fingers. Probably won’t make much of a difference since speeding drivers are the least likely to stop at crosswalks, but every little bit helps.

    • A better use of city resources would be the addition of speed bumps. A cross walk doesn’t deter a-hole commuters who are looking for a short cut.

  • I disagree on the crosswalk. I cross that stretch nearly every day and never have a problem. The number of pedestrians crossing forces the cars to drive slowly, as they should there with people everywhere. I think a crosswalk would decrease drivers’ awareness of people walking outside it who “should” be in it.
    *Opinion applies mainly just to this block with tons of pedestrians, retail, housing, and no need for traffic flow.

    • I should say never have a problem crossing Park. The stop at Holmead is actually sometimes worse, and it DOES have a crosswalk.

  • “So far out of their way”. “3 minutes in either direction”?

    Exaggerate much?

    Google has the length of that entire block from 13th to 14th as 0.2 miles. Holmead is in the dead center which means it is 0.1 miles, or about 1 minute in either direction if you are slow. Since the rationale seems for people to be going to the metro or the fountain area anyway, then walking to the end of Park to cross at Park and 14th takes you literally “zero” steps out of your way. The only possible rationale for needing to cross there to access something that is closer to that intersection, than it is to 14th and Park is to eat at Rinconcito.

    • Accountering

      Since we are insulting people for being “slow” I will just point out that .1 miles takes in excess of 1 minute to walk, unless you routinely walk at 6mph. If you walk at a a more average 3mph, it would take you two minutes in each direction.

      • And I would guess that people with small kids in tow have to walk more slowly than the average.

    • In addition to my comment above: how about all the times trucks at the Giant loading dock are blocking the north sidewalk? You’d recommend I walk a half block east, then a long full block back the other direction, instead of just crossing the street then and there? To get around the trucks, I’ll have to be in the street anyway.
      Seriously, do you even know where this is? Or what it’s like in real life? I can’t imagine anyone who knows this intersection would argue with the need for a crosswalk.

    • i have an opinion on this, but thankfully i don’t need to write it here; i just need to sign the petition.

  • I wouldn’t call it three minutes to both 13th and 14th streets. That’s a lot of exaggeration.

    That said, I think this whole stretch of Park Road could use a revision to make it more pedestrian friendly. Both sides have really narrow sidewalks. A lot of road signs are fastened into the sidewalk, which further narrows them.

    It’s heresy to some people, but I’d love to eliminate some of the parking and widen at least one of these sidewalks. Or make the road one-way (although that might be tougher, given the deliveries going to Giant).

  • A crosswalk can actually increase pedestrian collision rates, by giving pedestrians a false sense of safety. Crosswalks don’t make a crossing safe; they’re supposed to indicate where crossing is safe.

    Fact is, traffic moves really slowly on that block of Park Road, and pedestrians have little difficulty in crossing wherever they like. Eastbound traffic starts there at 14th Street, and westbound traffic practically always has to stop at 14th Street. Add delivery trucks and cars parking and un-parking, and it’s no place for any speed.

    If there’s a hazard there, it’s the pedestrian crossing along 14th Street. Pedestrians coming from across 14th think that they’ve got the “walk” to go in front of traffic emerging from Park Road onto 14th. They don’t, their “walk” light meaning only to the median, not to the sidewalk north of the Park Road exit. That’s a more serious hazard to pedestrians than anything along that block of Park Road.

  • i have an opinion on this, but thankfully i don’t need to write it here; i just need to sign the petition.

  • Ugh. Fine, but Nadeau has to also do something about the vagrants, drunks and panhandlers. Also, the salesmen selling crap and the double-Parkers

    • And the unlicensed food merchants blocking the sidewalk in front of the Bank of America in DC USA. A friend of mine got very sick last week. Are these regulated by the health department?

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