The Stealth condos “progressing nicely” at West Virginia and Florida Ave, NE


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“the corner @ west Va & FL Ave NE progressing nicely”

The Stealth’s website says:

“Welcome to The Stealth DC, a premier 4-unit boutique condominium building where space, style and luxury meet. Developed by JT Development and designed to provide the perfect blend of urban and modern living, each unit features 1500 square feet and many upscale finishes. Located at the corner of 9th Street and Florida Ave N.E., The Stealth DC is a few blocks from the “H Street Corridor” NoMA Metro, restaurants, bars, retailers and several landmarks including the U.S. Capitol and Union Station.

As a one-of-a-kind boutique condominium, The Stealth DC offers many features and amenities as well as low condo and maintenance fees that are more affordable than many comparably sized apartments in the DC area. We recognize that buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and we are committed to providing you with exceptional attention to detail and elegant touches.”

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  • Someone decided to name a condo building “The Stealth”? Seriously?? That sounds like something someone might do on a dare, and/or after drinking too much.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Stealth should be the nickname and it’s official name should be more apartmentr like.

      • I thought at first from the headline that “The Stealth” was just a nickname — like, a block of rowhouses that had been converted to condos but still looked like rowhouses.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I did too!

        • justinbc

          Yeah I thought surely this was a nickname, especially given that it’s on an incredibly busy street corner. I really hope those windows are very thick, because otherwise you’ll be hearing Florida Ave traffic all damn day.

    • It’s better than saying it’s a condo surrounded by streets and noise.

  • Did no one else notice that all the units are family-sized?

  • The pics are a little deceiving, this building literally comes out to the side walk. There isn’t that much space in between the curb and the edges of the building.

  • This building is a few blocks away from the Capitol and Union Station? I believe we have reached peak level of real-estate listing geography absurdity.

  • Cruise missiles convey with each unit.

  • This is on the south side of Florida Ave NE, in a parcel also bounded by 9th, L, and West Virginia Ave. Does that still count as Trinidad, or should it be listed as Near Northeast instead?


  • Far as I can tell the actual building looks nothing like the rendering, and even comparing the rendering to a stealth bomber was a stretch. And then there is the question about whether it’s wise to even try to match a building to a stealth bomber no matter how pro military you might be. Developer gets an A+ in strangeness if nothing else.

    • justinbc

      Yeah looking at it in person all I can think is “wow, those rooms are so narrow”. I can’t believe they crammed 1500 sqft into each one.

  • Even the little old house that used to sit there didn’t belong. The triangle seemed to be more part of L’Enfant’s original plan.

  • This is the piece of land where these are being built! That is a really small footprint…

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