The Most Epic Capital Bikeshare Ride of All Time

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This is awesome. Thanks to a reader for sending:

“My friend spotted this in Montreal last night, maybe they’ve started a bike share foreign exchange program? Or is this poor bike just really lost? I wonder what the cost would be on that to ride one of those from DC there.”

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  • Accountering

    I am guessing the cost would be $1000, until you call them and explain that you took the long way and docked it in Montreal. At that point, the cost may still be $1000.
    Pretty cool!
    I do wish that all the systems had collaborated, and that my key would work at all bikeshares in the country. Perhaps just do half off a day pass etc. So use bikeshare in Montreal, and it is $3.50 canadian for the day or whatever, automatically billed to my CC.

    • skj84

      Agree! NiceRide in Minneapolis is basically the same system as our bikeshare. I’d love to be able to use my fob when I visit my sister. Same with Citibike in NYC. I wonder what type of red tape needs to be cut to make this happen.

      • Accountering

        Feels like all it is is red tape to be honest. I can’t imagine if CitiBike and Capital Bikeshare got together, and said, hey, if you give our members half priced day passes, we will give your members half priced day passes, that there wouldn’t be some sort of agreement.
        I guess the only issue is the larger systems would absorb more visitors… Way more people travelling from Minneapolis to NYC than vice-versa.

      • justinbc

        I would assume the fact that they’re already making lots of money without offering a discount would be the main reason why there isn’t one.

  • Something crazy I saw yesterday: A lady thought it was a good idea to ride a Capital Bikeshare bike onto Rock Creek Parkway northbound, just past Virginia Avenue. Very, very bad idea!

  • The system originated in Montreal and they manufacture all of the bikes used by other cities. Montreal still keeps some of the exported bikes for flair in their own system.

    • Cool! It would be fun if they’d seed a few “special edition” bikes in other cities’ livery around DC. It would be a great promotion.

  • Within an hour of arriving in Montreal a few summers ago, I saw a woman riding a CaBi and I must have scared the absolute bejeesus out of her, freaking out about how she stole our bike.
    They have a number of bikes from systems all over the world, which I think is because Bixi is headquartered in Montreal and other cities use their systems. I spotted Nice Ride from Minneapolis, a Melbourne bike, maybe Columbus and Boston too. I can’t remember them all.
    After 4 days of searching after the initial sighting, I found the CaBi in the dock we starting a ride at and proudly took it. I have some pics of me riding the CaBi in Montreal. The Bixi system is really great and the bike infrastructure in Montreal is lovely.
    Enjoy your trip OP! I recommend heading to Parc Jean Drapeau and Bixi-ing on the Formula 1 race track, which is open to the public every weekend that’s not a race weekend.

  • This isn’t too surprising. Capital Bikeshare worked in conjunction with Bixi which was a Montreal based bike sharing system.

  • I see there’s a Telus logo on the dock, and a Telus fender-type on the bike, with a purple flower. Do the Capital Bikeshare bikes have a Telus fender-type thing?

  • The quebecers prolly think there is a marxist agenda at work with the bike sharing now…new red and yellow bikes, “capital” bikeshare…unless the ddot logos betray the true origins

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