Who is “The loud singing man” of Mount Pleasant?

Photo by PoPville flickr user brunofish

“Dear PoPville,

I recently moved to Mt. Pleasant (yay!). We’ve quickly come to realize that on a daily basis, sometimes early in the morning, other times just during a day, a man is walking down the street singing as loud as he can, top of his lungs type of thing, the whole way. He’s usually singing in Spanish, which I speak, but I haven’t been able to make out exactly what it is he’s singing. I’ve heard him at random times of day, 8 am, 5pm, you name it.

I’m all for self expression but he seems keenly apt on making as much noise as possible. He’s not doing anything illegal (as far as I understand) and it’s not like he sits outside of our building yelling all day. I’m more just curious if anyone knows the back story to our neighborhood serenader.”

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  • Oh, I like that guy. As far as neighborhood characters go, he’s one of the more enjoyable folks. Seems to be having a good time.

  • This photo was basically taken from the front stoop of my old house! That guy woke me up MANY a weekday and weekend morning, yet I have never once seen him. This mystery must be solved…

    • Wow, the grand finale is normally in CP around 4:00am en route to Van Ness…sorry, I can’t endorse this guy who wakes the entire stretch of Conn. Ave.

  • He walks and sings, and, man, he covers some serious territory, too! I was way up north on 14th St, and I saw last Sunday @ 1, after hearing him serenade Mt P around 7:30 am. I guess that’s how he keeps his lungs in shape.

  • Not really singing, more like screaming

  • ThunderCheese

    I am glad he moves around, and doesn’t station himself near me. He adds character to the hood and appears to be harmless.

  • Not just MtP. The loud man singing in in Spanish walks up 16th St from Meridian Hill. I can hear him when my windows are open. I started comparing him to the roosters I had growing up since he has a bit of schedule.

  • He often hangs out with his friends (passing around liquor bottles) in the parking lot behind the laundromat and old Hellers. In the winter, we’ve had to call the cops because they left one of their friends passed out in a snow-bank back there for hours without proper cold weather attire (no hat, gloves, scarf) and we were worried. They drink.a.lot.

    He’s quite jovial and I used to chuckle whenever I heard him, but now I honestly hate being woken by him at 7am on Saturdays. I chalk it up to drunkenness and like to think he’s singing about his depressing life.

  • Also is regularly in CoHi – at least he’s always on the move, so it’s only loud for so long. There’s also the man on his bike who likes to blast Motown – another fun character!

  • He is singing evangelical song.

  • I’ve hard this dude when I lived in Adams Morgan and more recently on upper 14th street north of the Columbia Heights metro. I actually walked right behind him on my way the metro a few weeks ago. Pretty amusing if you ask me.

  • I always see/hear this guy in Adams Morgan, walking along Columbia Road between 16th and Ontario and serenading all the 42/43 bus stop patrons. I wish I knew his story.

    • I’ve seen him along Columbia a few times as well while biking into work. I kinda like the “singing”. But probably because it’s not waking me up.

  • Ally

    Along this same vein, anyone know any details on Running Man in Chinatown? Who he is? How has he managed to not get hit by a car yet? He’s been there for years, running through the traffic at the intersection of 7th & H St NW, and I’ve always wondered about him.

  • Hey used to be a regular in Cleveland Park along Connecticut Ave. early in the morning. On my way to the gym one morning I happened to be right behind him, and the man has a serious set of lungs.

  • Ugh, I would find him far less obnoxious if he didn’t wake me up!

  • Oh, he’s over there now! He used to be in Cleveland Park on Connecticut singing in the morning. Would always camp out near my condo.

  • He comes through the Kalorama Park area occasionally, too.

  • I live on Park and hear him occasionally. He has a loud set of pipes and has woken me up very early in the morning several times. He’s always singing/chanting in Spanish. He has dark long hair and usually wears a navy/black windbreaker.

  • “Keep Mt. P Weird” – Subway protestor/singing advocate

  • So that’s why I have been able to peacefully sleep in Cleveland Park lately. He’s moved to another area. Well, I’m sure he’ll be back. He is breaking a law, it’s called “Disturbance of the Peace,” potentially only during certain hours but maybe if you’re screaming, you are disturbing the peace no matter what time of day it is.

    In theory, i don’t object to a neighborhood “character” or two, but it’s maddening that he gets to dictate when people are allowed to sleep and when they are not. I find him much less charming at 5AM.

  • Anyone know the story of Latin American guy who drives a blue sedan each morning during rush hour? Regardless of weather, he BLASTS salsa music with his windows and plays percussion instruments while driving! I’ve seen him play the maraca, a cowbell that’s attached to his dash board, and a tambourine. He usually sings along to the songs and drives like a speeding maniac.
    He’s usually driving down 14th, turns right onto Rhode Island, left onto 19th, and then continues down into Foggy Bottom. We basically have the same commute.

  • I see him in Adams Morgan a lot! Wonder what he is scream/singing about? Any translations?

  • HA! I’ve walked behind him on 14th street. I think he was wasted cantando de su amor traicionera. I was THIS CLOSE to joining in call and response style.

  • I know folks who have spoken to him, and he’s never been drunk when he engages them. He is testifying his faith while he walks.

  • He has been in Mt.P for years. I used to live on the main strip and he’d wake me up. I back up to Rock Creek Park and heard him from the other day (from Mt.P) but I think he was all the way over on Connecticut one early morning. I couldn’t help but laugh

    I walked by him the other day and gave a good smile and he laughed a little bit as he knew he is awesomely ridiculous.

  • He terrifies my dog with the yelling. It’s like a siren, I hear it off in the distance, but I can’t avoid it because it’s reverberating and you don’t know where it’s coming from. Personally, I hate it.

  • None of the 7am Saturday sleepers must have kids or dogs.

  • This guy is awesome I’ve heard him a dozen or so times all the way up Connecticut Ave and Nebraska Ave. Makes me smile.

  • One of the most annoying things about the neighborhood. Agree with others that it sounds more like he’s screaming than signing! Get that man a sound-proof room!

  • Welcome to Mt. Pleasant! He’s one of our colorful characters. I hear him often, and pass him less so, but I am thoroughly convinced he is mad. So, have a heart — he is unwell. He’s not have as noisy as the choppers overhead or the busses though…. Anyway, this is why people love Mt. Pleasant :^)

    • I don’t know about how much we love him, but I am going to buy him some gift cards to Subway. They can host live music, right? I think we struck down that MtP live music ban.

  • I love that dude. Used to hear him often when living next to Meridian Hill park. Now, not so much. I think I’m at the upper border of his “route” (around Park road).

  • White noise machine time!

  • He’s yelling prayers at the top of his lungs on his way to and from the Catholic Church on 16th and Park.

    Guy is a huge annoyance. Really wish he’d stop. Not very Christian.

  • Not sure if it’s the same guy, but there’s one that is constantly insulting (in Spanish) at the top of his lungs. I am a Spanish native and once I stopped to see if he was insulting me, but no, I realized that he just likes to go around insulting the air around him. Quite a funny character that adds some magic to the neighborhood…

  • I hear this guy walking down Columbia to Connecticut in Adams Morgan frequently, but not every day. I find it so interesting how people can have such different reactions to this guy and what he does. I don’t find him annoying or threatening, but I also don’t see what he does as ‘colorful’ or ‘jovial’ either. He doesn’t appear – to me – to be particularly enjoying himself. His singing/screaming seems compulsive and strained. When I hear him, I always wonder if he’s schizophrenic and singing so loudly and so continuously to drown out voices in his head.

  • I used to live on top of the hardware store and remember his weekend wake up calls- my window AC and/or white noise machine helped a lot. I wonder if this guy has any clue how many people in the neighborhood “know” him.

  • I love this guy. He had been pretty predictable in the Van Ness area on Conn Ave., but I haven’t heard him in a while.

    I overheard a guy who stopped him and asked him to be quiet. He became pretty agitated and said he was singing prayers or blessings to protect the neighborhood.

    Clearly he’s got some bigger issues, so I don’t see how this does any harm. He’s just one of the neighborhood characters (and he walks fast, so it’s over almost before you know it) .

  • I see him almost daily in MtP. He’s usually singing about God. Everytime I see him he momentarily stops singing, and we smile and wave to each other.

  • This man is a total pain. I encounter him frequently in Adams Morgan/Lanier Heights especially early mornings while walking my dogs. I assume he will continue to harass the neighborhood until someone bashes him in the head.

  • samanda_bynes

    can’t believe there are peeps around here who are complaining or think the dude’s annoying. like how big of a puss do you have to be to find this harassment or want to call the cops? dude is around your building for like 5 minutes and moves on. also, where the hell do you live where you can hear it so well that it’s waking you up? I live on the first floor of an apartment building right on the street in MtP and never once heard the cat walk by singing. if i encountered him on a morning run with the dog, we just wave and walk by. you guys talk like he’s walking around throwing fistfuls of salt and baseballs at people or something.

  • I hear him routinely in Cleveland Park. I suspect that those who are critiquing people for complaining about his singing do not live in the areas where he walks through screaming. He often walks by very early in the morning and his screaming is ridiculously loud that it will wake you up. I wouldn’t have a problem if he was singing, but screaming is not okay.

  • Ugh, he’s back in Cleveland Park. Awoken at 4:30AM on Friday and 3:30AM today. Thinking about buying a paint gun…

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