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  • We spent an hour stuck on a red line train between Metro Center and Farragut North. Train was packed. One announcement stating that driver was going to get out of train and try to figure out I what was going on. Nothing after that. Wish younger folk would let older folk have a seat . . . Disturbing. Train eventually unloaded at Farragut North stating it was out of service. Packed station as we got out. We went upstairs and walked to Cleveland Park. Metro especially the red line suck.

    • was on the same train. what was really disturbing was the lack of communication. after that one message, we must’ve gone 45 minutes without a word and a lot of people started wondering out loud what the problem could be. not fun!

      • What time did this happen and what was the problem? I must have just missed it because Farragut North wasn’t any busier than normal when I entered, but I did notice that the train stopped in each station longer than usual.

  • Only going to get worse from here.

  • I Dont Get It

    I was going in the other direction but it was frightening how packed the platform was.

  • when metro is so packed on the platform, i exit the station. No way I want to be there if something like a fire breaks out. i’ll wait it out or take a cab home. not worth putting my life in danger

    • Yeah, I don’t think it’s really acknowledged by the powers that be what an incredibly dangerous situation this is. And it just keeps happening.

    • I specifically board the train in spots where I know I won’t get caught on the platform when I exit at Gallery Place (so I exit where the green/yellow line transfer is). It can get scary out there.

    • I wish Metro wouldn’t charge people for exiting and entering the same station within a short time period.

      • If you tell them you’re leaving due to the situation they will let you go through the exit gate. I have done this a few times now. The only problem is that it messes up your card so you’ll either have to have that fixed by station manager or I find if you use it on the bus after that it’ll fix the issue without having a metro person do it for you.

  • justinbc

    It really sucks for Red line commuters, but at some point I imagine people will stop being surprised that this happens almost daily.

    • skj84

      Yeah. I’m a redline commuter and at this point I go in with the expectation something is wrong.

      • It’s just such a disgrace. I look to twitter at this point to get accurate updates about what is going on with the metro, particularly the red line. But at this point, all the tweets in the world aren’t going to do anything, and the problem is just going to continue. I hate to be such a pessimist, but I am afraid the only thing to get WMATA’s attention would be a serious safety incident.

        • You mean “ANOTHER serious safety accident?”

          WMATA needs a house cleaning from top to bottom. I’m really hoping this is finally the year for that to happen.

      • maxwell smart

        This is exactly why I stopped taking Metro. It’s ridiculous to expect disaster everyday. It’s like being in an abusive relationship. You can do better.

  • They weren’t letting anyone in the Farragut North station due to overcrowding when I arrived there around 6pm yesterday. I was annoyed but now I’m grateful I wasn’t stuck down there.

  • samanda_bynes


  • maxwell smart

    Surely there has to be a breaking point where someone steps in and shuts WMATA down. Between no metro and this dysfunctioning and increasingly dangerous excuse for a transit agency, I’ll take no metro. Sell it off to an outside agency. Anyone could do better then WMATA.

  • And this is why I own a car, despite living five minutes from the Red Line. Ten years ago I took the Metro everywhere and came really close to selling my car. In retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t!

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