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  • momos was a good concept poorly executed. Everyone was excited about it, but service was poor, prices were too high, and food was mediocre. If this place has a good management team they’ll do well.

  • Can’t wait for this – stumbling distance from my house and unlike pretty much anything else in the immediate area.

    I believe that New Columbia Heights has reported that they’re aiming for an August open.

  • Let’s hope it’s we’ll run and the food is good. That’s such a great space. I also think an English pub is a hit more accessible to the general public than Himalayan dumplings. Upper 14th St may is really taking off. They are adding at least eight new condo developments between Spring Rd and Taylor. Heck, the condos by Red Derby sold for $650,000!

  • I’m sad for the owner that Mad Momos didn’t work out, but I really didn’t like the food. I hope he finds a new outlet and it makes him happy.
    Here’s hoping that the new place will cater to all the neighborhood’s families, and be something more than just another place for the 20-somethings to cram in and drunk-shriek at one another.

  • It’s a beautiful space in a decent location – just needs a solid menu and this place could be hit!

  • One less empty storefront is always a good thing, but naming it after a breed of dog is weird and just a little unappetizing.

  • JayPea

    Points purely for naming the place after my favorite breed of dog 🙂

  • This place is going to do well. My only issue with upper 14th St is all the drunks on the street and people loitering all around the area. My wife has been cat called on numerous occasions. Granted, its all relatively harmless, but this section needs to love. Clean up the trash all over too.

    • That’s one way to lower the population of drunks on the street – open up more bars.

      • Pretty sure the Aerdale won’t be a problem. Neither is Red Derby or Lyman’s. Most of the trouble comes from a few of the corner liquor stores where people by brown bag beers or bottles of liquor. Half these stores sell synthetic drugs too. Nice for the neighborhood, huh? You know what won’t help? The new 7-Eleven.

    • +1,000,000

      As a new Columbia Heights resident I am shocked and saddened by the amount of loitering, drunks and drug addicts circling the blocks between Monroe and Quincy Street NW. I love all the new businesses popping up around this section of the neighborhood but for crying out loud someone please do something about the littering and loitering. Neighborhood Task Force anyone?

      Perfect example – on my way for drinks at Lymans and I see a woman passed out on a stoop outside of a restaurant at 2pm on a Sunday. I go to help her and a cop happens to roll up a few minutes later:

      Me: officer can you help this woman? She’s barely coherent , has scratches all over her face and looks like she needs help.
      Officer: Uhhh yeahhh, we know who she is.

      What I am saying is when businesses start to boom the community need to do something about the police presence, cleanup and overall safety of this neighborhood. This new business will soon be negated by the 7-11 opening up.

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