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  • Tough spot since I don’t think they got a ton of foot traffic and were in a one block radius of many other sandwich shops (including the rather similar Potbelly’s).

    That said, their prices were notably higher than most other lunch spots in the area, and I think the “order on your bag” concept lost them some walk-ins. Every time I came in, I saw at least one person examine the area with a puzzled look before heading right back out the door.

  • I actually left my office today intending to go to this location for lunch. I thought they got plenty of traffic – although not as much as Potbelly. I felt the price was on par with most places – especially if you loaded up on the toppings. I was 2 punches away from a free sandwich.

  • Ha, Dan…I didn’t have my card on me the other week and they gave me a new one and punched FOUR on it. I am a big Which Wich fan and was excited to go the other day but also discovered the sign on the door. I have a strong suspicion that this did not have to do with lack of business at 6 months into the lease. I did not see any bad reports by way of restaurant inspections. My guess is it involved some type of serious dispute with the landlord…we’ll see.

  • It was GROSS!

  • Nice people when I was there but the sandwich tasted mostly of salt. This was much hyped by (probably paid up.) posters here, but basically it’s a sunbelt strip mall chain and those rarely live up.

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