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  • Mootje1

    They open Wednesday-I just called.

  • I’m assuming it’s something like Fogo de Chao but cheaper?

  • Said no one ever: “So excited to sit outside on picturesquely clogged highway that is Massachusetts Ave and stuff my gaping maw with a metric f*ckton of meat.”

  • In the immortal words of Al Czervik, “This steak still has marks from where the jockey was hitting it.”

  • Not quite sure if it will be cheaper than Fogo, but I’ve always found the meat a notch more flavorful. The hipsters and foodies will turn their noses up, but I think it’s a good addition for that area. For all the development that has occurred around Mt. Vernon, I still hear conventioneers moaning about the lack of places that can accommodate large parties.

  • Am I the only one who gets annoyed at all the snarky, unnecessarily pointed posts here? Seems like some people think this is a competition as to who can post the most smart-a** comments about most every post. Kinda ruins it for me and many others I’m sure. Example: Anonymous 4:25’s comment. There has to be a more effective, less snarky way of making his/her point.

    • But when was the last time you used the term “gaping maw” in a sentence? I snark with style (and a thesaurus).

    • 1. But how’d you like my Caddyshack quote?
      2. If you don’t like snark, may I respectfully suggest that the internet is not for you.
      3. Kidding aside, what would be a “more effective” way for 4:25 to make his/her point?

      4. “Less snarky” is not a worthy goal, in and of itself. If the snark’s creative (and I did enjoy “gaping maw”), bring it on.

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