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  • It is very VERY GOOD! Real Mexican food made by Mexicans from Puebla. Viva Mexico!

  • Sweet! As far as I’m concerned, this place makes the best tacos in DC. The enchiladas are also excellent.

  • Best tacos in D.C.!!!

  • Rockandroar

    I know it’s best for the greater good, but one thing my recovering alcoholic fiance and I liked about this place is that we could go there for good food in our neighborhood and not be around alcohol. That’s not easy to find in that area of 14th.

    • Pho Viet and Taqueria DF don’t serve alcohol. I don’t believe 3 salsas does either (but I haven’t been there in over a year).

      • Rockandroar

        Pho Viet is great, but Taqueria Habanero blows 3 Salsas and Taqueria DF out of the water. I’m not complaining, it was just really nice to have fantastic food at a place without alcohol.

      • Confirmed, no alcohol at 3 Salsas.

    • As a recovering alcoholic, I’m sure you know that it’s not about what other people do, it’s about the choices you make. If it helps there’s AA meetings up and down 14th all hours of the day and night in English and Spanish – it only works if you work it.

      • But for some people it’s nice not to be around it, even with a strong program and especially early in recovery.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Yes it is about the choices you make. Making a point of selecting a restaurant that does not serve alcohol is a very wise choice for somebody at the stage where easy access = trouble.

  • binpetworth

    This is great news. Those delicious al pastor tacos will taste even more so accompanied by a nice cold beer. Though the agua fresca is a great thirst quencher–try the cantaloupe!

  • This place is great. And they’ve got a number of vegetarian options that for some reason aren’t on the menu but you can ask for them.

  • Easily the best tacos I’ve had in DC! Great news for those of us that like to have a beer with our tacos!

  • Your assessment is spot on. These are tacos are the best in DC. Hands down. I’ve been to most of the other contenders and they don’t compare. They make each tortilla fresh. That’s the difference! I’m all for the liquor license. This stretch of 14th needs help though if restaurants like this are going to be successful. Id love to see some streetscaping and beautification along with a crackdown on crime.

  • The only place in DC that you can get real enchiladas. These guys make really excellent food. I’d really been missing Mexican food since I moved to DC. Now, thank God, it’s back in my life (and it’s very affordable!)

  • Nice! How does this place compare to El Sol, just across the street? El Sol is also really great and cheap.

    • El Sol is actually really, really good too. I’d say Habenero has the better tacos, but El Sol has a more expansive menu. The molé sauce at El Sol is a stand out. They also deliver. Habenero, El Sol and Three Salsas are the best option on 14th St. In my opinion, they’ve all eclipsed Distrito Federal. It’s nice to see some competition. Forces everyone to step up their game.
      PS. Habenero’s vegetarian and fish tacos were so popular they actually added them to official menu. The guacamole too!

    • jim_ed

      I personally prefer El Sol, although I think the chorizo at Habenero is better. That said, Habanero offers good tacos and chilaquiles, so it’s kind of a win-win on whichever you go to. If I’m ranking neighborhood tacos, it looks like this:
      1. El Sol
      2. Habanero
      3. DTF
      4. 3 Salsas

  • I understand the desire to sell liquor as it will generate more revenue for the place, but I don’t like that it means people will be chilling there longer. A taco place is great because you order, eat, and leave. The drinking is done either before or after. Like I’m skeptical of Donburri’s addition of alcohol, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see the effects of this.

    That being said, while I really like Taqueria Habenero & think it’s a great addition to the neighborhood… in my book, the best no-frills Mexican food still comes from Super Taco on Columbia.

    • Super Taco isn’t as good as TH (and I say this as a big fan of Super Tacos). The thing that always bugs me about Super Tacos is that the place smells awful. What’s up with that?

      • The carnitas at Super Taco is so much better in my mind; properly cooked carnitas hold a soft spot in my heart and nothing in the DC metro area has ever compared to ST’s, including TH. Also, Super Taco has pretty good refried pinto beans (TH is Puebla cuisine so I guess I can forgive their lack of pinto) which in my opinion are mandatory for any good Mexican place- black just wont cut it and the lack of pinto beans in “Mexican” DC joints really bothers me. These are the only real reasons Super Taco will always beat out TH (and others) in my mind.

        Hmmm, I was at Super Taco this weekend and didn’t notice an odd smell. Based on the oil dripping from my tacos, I imagine their grease trap their clogs up on occasion, which would cause a weird smell from time to time- but I haven’t ever been there during this.

  • Best damn tacos in the district. Not just being a homer.

  • At last, the only advantage that El Sol had will finally be vanquished! (No offense to El Sol, but their chorizo was really dry.)

  • I hope Habenero has some killer lime and/or strawberry margaritas. Frozen and on the rocks!

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