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  • I believe this is a 1968 model (Kharman Ghia – Volkswagon). I owned yone in college and used to call it my “poorman’s porche roadster”.

    • I think its a 71 based on the seats and the indicator lights…gorgeous either way!

      • Beautiful, yes! But OMG so uncomfortable. My girlfriend in college had one, and I once had to drive it about 400 miles–a trip that couldn’t end too soon.

    • This is a Type 14 Karmann Ghia convertible manufactured by VW. Determining the model year is a little tough, although I believe it is either a 1970 or 1971 model (they both share the same 9″ tail light so telling them apart is very difficult). As one of the other comments mentions, this is an original color for this model (Amber). Good examples of the convertible are now starting to see some strong money with prices nudging the high teens and even into the $20k+ territory. I think buying one now would probably be a good investment.
      On a personal note, I owned a 1967 Karmann Ghia coupe when I was in college. It was a “flintstone car” – i.e. rust had eaten away some of the floor pan near the driver’s footwell. Also the battery used to disconnect from time to time due to more rust around the battery cage. However, it was a fun, but certainly not fast, car to own.

  • My lord, that is pretty.

  • jburka

    Walked past this on T the other day and commented on how purty it was!

  • Ah, the Karmann Ghia – I’ve heard it called “the world’s slowest sports car,” as it’s just a Beetle with a more attractive body, but when something looks that good, who needs to go fast?

  • Can’t fault the Maryland plates this time.

  • My dream car. And I love that color! Is it original, I wonder? I only ever saw them in white and blue. But I had a VW bus close to that color. We called it Pumpkin Sunset.
    My grandmother had three karmann ghias. They’re just low enough that they’re hard to see in parking lots, and they kept getting run in to by land yachts. After the third one, she gave up.

    • justinbc

      I believe this color is called “Amber”. It was on KG models 1970-73.

    • My orange VW bus of the same color was called “Orange Crush”

      Thinking of painting my 71 Type 3 this color. Glad to see it’s popular.

      • DCW what Type 3 do you have? My sister’s first car (Fiona) was a gorgeous all original teal 70 Fastback…miss that car!

  • Six degrees of Kevin Bacon, sorta.
    1.My first wife’s
    2.First college roommate’s
    3.Father, was one of the designers of the Karmann Ghia
    4.Karmann Ghia is a VW
    5.Kevin Bacon drove a VW in Footloose.

    OK, weak.

  • Rave: All the PoPville love for the Ghia – we have such great taste in dream cars!!!

  • Before I die, I need to own either one of these, or a similarly sexy Volvo P1800.

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