Sweet City Ride


Thanks to a reader for sending from Barracks Row:

“Loved this car when I was a kid. My grandmas was yellow with a green vinyl roof known affectionately as the banana boat.”


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  • Someone tell Lahey and Randy to get on 95 and get their drunk asses back to Sunnyvale!! They better bring back some pepperonis, chicken fingers and liquor!!!

  • This appears to be a 1978 Cadillac Eldorado with (I think) the Biarritz option package. This is considered a 7th generation Eldorado (1971-78). Prices for these are not particularly strong, with good drivers fetching sub $10k prices, while even totally restored versions maxing out in the mid teens. If you’re thinking of buying a project car and restoring it, this isn’t one you want to tackle!

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