Sushi Taro Happy Hour Customers – Get Your Shit Together


Of course it’s one of the best happy hours in DC – from Sushi Taro:

“MONDAY – FRIDAY 5:30 – 7:00 only at the BAR.

Half price on regular sushi and all alcoholic drinks (excludes large bottles and mixed drinks)

As Washington D.C.’s premiere restaurant serving Japanese cuisine, Sushi Taro continues to educate people with our concept of serving genuine Japanese dishes along with superb selection of Sake and Sho-Chu.

This is a great opportunity for you to try some of our high-end sake or fulfill your curiosity about sho-chu.

Sushi Taro’s Happy Hour is one of the best and most valued deals in town, and we are often asked why we do not promote it. Sushi Taro’s bar has only 11 seats and we can’t accommodate such large crowds in such a short time.”

1503 17th Street, NW

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  • I will not take anything written in Hobo font seriously.

  • No sushi for you!

  • They have more rules than Circa in Dupont Circle. Circa would not sit my party of 4 (there were 3 of us there) until everyone arrived……..even though with the exception of one table, all other tables were EMPTY. Then once our 4th arrived we were seated and asked what their happy hour specials were and were told that the happy hour menu was available only if we were seated at the bar…..which was full. Needless to say, we got up and walked out. That was about 4 years ago and I have never been back!

    • Lots of places only do happy hour at the bar. Is that really such a bad reason to exclude a place for years?
      That seating thing is so tough, but it’s easier to keep the policy all the time or none of the time than switch because people immediately say you did it last time.

      • That place is really nothing special, so I’d say it’s no great loss.

      • Yeah… me it was reason not to go back. Likewise, I went to Alero on U Street for lunch one day and asked for a refill (just ONE refill) on my ice tea and I was told they charge for refills. I’ve never heard of that before. I could understand if I had been sitting there all, but I had not. I told them I would never set foot back in that place again. That was about 5 years ago and I have never been back. Give me bad food and I will give you a second chance. Give me a stupid “policy” and I do not give second chances.

        • You have *never* in your life even *heard* of a restaurant charging for refills? Never? The sound hasn’t ever touched your ears? Hyperbole much?

          While I like a free refills policy as much as the next guy, a strong argument can be made that you are getting more product, and therefore you should pay more, no matter the margins on the product. What’s more: they *told* you that they charged, so at least they were truthful.

          • Nope…Ive never ever heard of it as long as I have been on the planet. This is the absolute forst time ever. Never in the past has these words been told to me. It was an absolute first ever time.

        • You sound like a pleasure to serve…boycotting restaurants left and right for silly reasons. I can only imagine what happens when you actually deign to eat somewhere and get served the wrong meal.

      • Sort of on that topic of self-bans from restaurants. I went to mint on 11th. Good Italian food but I wont ever go back after discovering they charge $2 for 4 small slices of “grilled” bread. The bread has lines on it as if it was tossed on the grill and removed right away. Not toasted. But that is beside the point. It is an Italian restaurant and should have free bread on the table. Where I am from all restaurants (and I mean all but fast food joints) give you bread. An Italian restaurant that charges for bread is immediately dismissed and fails where I am from.

    • Did you remind them that a party of three is a party of circa four?

  • I often see people who fail to get into Little Serrow try to get into Sushi Taro. Good luck.

  • nightborn

    Thai Chef on Connecticut has a great sushi hh as well – pretty solid sushi and definitely more seating than just 11!

    • Sushi Taro is the real thing — authentic Japanese-style sushi.
      Thai Chef’s sushi may be good, but I suspect it’s a typical Americanized sushi/pan-Asian place.

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