Stabbing in the 700 block of Lamont St, NW

A reader reports (confirmed by @DCPoliceDept):

“Walked out of my condo building on Lamont Street NW between Sherman and Georgia to see emergency responders assisting an individual on a stretcher. The MPD reports that this was a stabbing incident. Sad to say there has been notable uptick in police activity on Lamont over the last 12 months.”

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  • I saw the activity too.. It happened across the street for the known drug house (white awning w2 black stripes) that got raided a couple months back. It hasn’t been too bad of a situation I guess…The traffic has returned to the house though. Not sure this was related but easily could be. hoping this dope house goes away some time soon because it means more junkies wandering around the block and the residents who do not have any utilities are known to trespass on neighboring properties to steal water from people’s front yard faucets. Not really the best situation. The corner of Eddie Leonard’s chinese spot at lamont and georgia is also a hotspot for drug trade- so this incident happened near 2 hotspots and may be related to that bullsh*t.

  • What time was this? There seem to have been two events yesterday evening/last night in this area, one a block up at the BP and now I hear of this one. The intersection of Lamont and Georgia is terrible, the bus stop in-front of Eddie Lenard’s has always been a mess, and now the Rowhouse on the South East side of the intersection that is attached to the former Chocolate City Space has been getting bad for over a month now. Was walking past about a week ago when a glass bottle came flying towards me and my fiancee and shattered one the sidewalk a few feet in front of us, one junkie had tried to throw it at another and missed. I have seen the cops come and deal with individuals who are clearly too messed up, but really at this point you would figure they could have built enough on the house to come kick a door down and see what is going on inside. It really annoys me that problems like this are allowed to just fester, every now and again I will see a cop at the bus stop and while they are there it cleans up but the second they leave it is the same problem.

    • Totally agree — I avoid that corner at all costs and feel uncomfortable walking by it pretty much any time of day It is so obvious there is a ton of drug activity there, and it is likely due to the combination of Eddie Leonards, the cheap liquor store, and the bus stop (which makes it seem like the people that hang out there aren’t loitering, when they clearly are).

  • Anyone heard anymore about this? We were away over the weekend so we missed it. I’ve lived in the Lamont Lofts for 5 years and this is the worst summer we’ve had yet for criminal/suspicious activity on our block. The police used to patrol much more regularly, but I hardly see them anymore unless they’ve clearly been called to respond to some incident. I put in a request with the Third District commander for more patrols about a month ago after I saw three fights breakout in the span of about a week, but who knows if they’ll do anything about it.

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